Saturday, 29 January 2011


Allahumakhtim lana bi husnilkhatimah wa la takhtim 'alaina bi su'ilkhatimah...

This is a frequent du'a that I ask to Allah these days.. Ya Allah, please give a good ending and not a bad ending.. And I'm sure, most of us like happy ending compare to sad ending in the story, but happiness is something that is subjective. Crying at the end does not mean it is a sad ending story, and laughing in the end does not mean it is happy story..

Currently, I am now in almost final stage. As said before in my facebook status: "Frankly, writing conclusion is much more difficult than introduction, and finalizing thesis is facing different challenge from the way to begin the writing." It is true, but some might said that conclusion is easier because the researcher knew everything he or she want, and just conclude it in a simple way..

Win or loose does matter, but the effort is much more matter..

You wanna know why I feel that conclusion is difficult? Because the conclusion will be the result of our research. Yes you may do anything, but you will never forget what makes you reach the end. All the efforts and hardship will be ended.. Of course, after this I will miss all the books doing for research, all the time spending in the library, all the papers scattered in my car, all the bad mood while finding the ideas, all the corrections made by my proofreader, all the meetings with my supervisor, and many more... And it will make me sadder to end all of these things...

As promised earlier with my supervisor, I will submit the first draft thesis at the end of January. InsyaAllah, this monday will be the day..

I'm nervous, but happy..
After this, wanna spending my holiday to Pekan Baru, Indonesia with my family, and a very special present to myself..

Saadah Khair

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