Wednesday, 29 December 2010

Cook & Food

People said, a good woman is the one who can cook delicious food..

People said, a better place for woman is the kitchen, even though how educated she is...

There are numerous opinions and views in the relationship of woman, cooking and food. But in reality, the best chef is man and the one who like to eat food is man more than woman. hehe..

Cooking. Honestly speaking, I'm still learning. I don't want to say that I can't cook but I didn't get used to cook because I stayed in the hostel since secondary school and in the campus of university. So, there was no opportunity to cook my own meal everyday. Some might questioned that why I cannot learn cook at home during school holiday or semester break, maybe because I have 2 sister that helped mom in the kitchen and I prefer to do cleaning home rather than cooking.

However, I don't want to stay at the same place which is unable to cook by my ownself. I wanna change. I want to cook and eat food that I cook. The first important thing is to develop interest in cooking, because I still can feel the difficulties to buy a lot of stuffs before cooking and face the hot oil in the kitchen. arghh..

Then, I should learn from the one who can teach me and expert in cooking. I cannot learn from my mother because she rarely cook and I only go back to home once in a month, but I know a daughter should learn from her own mother. Besides, I can learn cooking from friends or specialists..but who are willingly to teach me..? hehe.. I also can learn from books and websites. In the previous bookfair, I bought a book "Langkah Mudah Memasak" and it was useful for my housemate, I didn't try yet any of recipes from the book.

After learned all those cooking skills, please don't stop. The next step is practice. Cook whatever you know, delicious or not is other thing, but important thing is try my best. But, after I cooked, sometimes I didn't satisfy with the result, but I do appreciate my own effort, and I will keep trying. Oh ya, I have to bear in mind that hard working is the quality that I should have in practicing of cooking..hehehe...

One advice to myself: Jangan cakap tak serupa bikin.. hehehe.. Now, let's cooking..

This is just a sample of image 'steamboat'. I'm still owe my younger brother to treat him steamboat. It's better i f I know to cook it by myself.. Who wanna try if I can cook this meal? hehe..

**Oh no, tomorrow is the last day of 2010..

Tuesday, 28 December 2010

KIRK Postgraduate Semesterly Conference 2010

Alhamdulillah, All praise be to Allah, the Most Gracious, The Most Merciful.

Today is the second day of KIRK (Kulliyyah of Islamic Revealed Knowledge) Postgraduate Semesterly Conference 2010, but I would like to thank to Allah for everything and share the meaningful experience here. The conference begin yesterday from 27 and will end tomorrow, 29 December 2010.

Honestly speaking, I am so nervous in the beginning, luckily my turn was in the second day, so I can see my friends' way who presented in the first day. Alhamdulillah, now I relieved that the paper presentation was finished, and it happened smoothly. And this conference was my first time in presenting my own paper, and I was so happy to finish it by trying my best in the presentation.

The time given to all presenters are only 10 minutes, but I presented more than that after listening the bell ringing twice from the time controller. If I stop early, the judges and the audiences were unable to understood, because the most important topic to be delivered was at the end of the slide. Actually, I need comment/s from any judges who came to listen to my presentation, but there is no comment or evaluation, luckily there are some questions from one of the audiences, and Alhamdulillah I can answer all those questions.

In fact, I didn't finish yet in writing my thesis, but following the rules given by KIRK, the conference still accept the working paper even though it is not completed yet, in a condition that the presentation covers all the topics from the thesis, or just selected important topic from the thesis.

However, I do hope that I will finish it in the beginning of next year. All the best to all my friends too, and congratulation for those who together presented their paper in these three days.. Let's struggle our best to be the best.

** To all my students, I seek an apologize for being on leave yesterday and today for preparing and presenting paper in this seminar, hope all of you can understand that studying and working at the same time is not a simple task. Thank you for your understanding.

Sunday, 26 December 2010

Best Friend's Wedding

Barakallahulakumawabaraka'alaikuma wa jama'abainakumafilkhayr..

Alfu Mabruk special to:

Shaidatul Akhmar



Dedicate a special pray to The Almighty Allah to give both of you, happiness in the world and the Hereafter, all the time.. and bless your marriage will love and mercy..
No matter what, you're my best buddy ever..
Nothing will destroy our friendship except Allah's destiny..

**When you sad, my shoulder is still yours. Love till the end..

Tuesday, 21 December 2010

10 more days


Ya Allah, I feel so great today for being able to use my finger to write something here in this blog. Alhamdulillah that Allah gave me the opportunity to live and take a deep breath for today. Alhamdulillah.. Honestly, right now I just wanna cry because I'm soo happy, but big girl don't cry... so, let's smile.. :)

Actually, I've been so rushing go here and there, since last weeks. I tried to find free time to spend in writing blog, but there were some things that more important than spending time to blogging, which is writing my thesis. I'm so relieved today for completing the working paper and abstract for the special seminar for PG IRK Students on 27-29 Dec 2010. Yeah, I'm so nervous because it will be my first time presenting my own paper relating to my thesis, but I'm sure it will be such a great experience.

Lately, my feeling towards lecturing and teaching at IIC has been in positive mode. I love my students, and I'm sure that they like me too, because I treated them like my own friends. However, I still have to manage my time wisely in completing my thesis. So, I feel so tired because the day is focusing in teaching and the night is focusing on thesis writing.. But, I'm happy to do that.

10 more days~! Yeah, 1o more days to reach a new year. Some of my targets are not accomplished yet. I plan to finish my MA by 2010, but Allah's plan is greater. Allah knows my ability. He knows my strength and weaknesses, and I do hope that there is no regret for not finishing MA by this year. Even so, I still have 10 more days to struggle my best. Allah knows~~

10 more days, there will be a new age, new target, new mission. Before I end 2010, I wanna make this year as happy as myself. I wanna end it with gratitude to Allah for His mercy and love for this year, yet, I wanna begin 2011 with new spirit and move towards the betterment.

10 more days...

Saadah Khair
21 December 2010

Thursday, 16 December 2010

The Day of 'Ashura


Today is 10th Muharram 1432H/16th December 2010. As we know, in Islam, 10th Muharram is the Day of 'Ashura. I begin with a simple question in each of my lecture class for today; What is the Day of 'Ashura? Sadly speaking, no one give a correct answer. But its okay, because it is my responsibility to let them know what is the Day of 'Ashura. That is the reason too that I share in this blog.

When is the Day of 'Ashura?

It is on 10th day of the month of Muharram in Islamic Calendar

Why it was named 'Ashura?

It was taken from 'asharah which means ten. It is on the tenth day of Muharram

What happened in the Day of 'Ashura?

Ibn Abbas RA reports that the Holy Nabi PBUH arrived in Madinah and found the Jews observing fast on the day of ‘Ashura… They said: "It is the day of great (significance) when Allah delivered Prophet Musa AS and his people and drowned Pharoah and his people, and Prophet Musa AS observed fast out of gratitude. And we also observe it." The Holy Messenger of Allah PBUH responded: "We have more right, and we have closer connection with Sayyidina Musa AS than you have"; so Allah’s Messenger PBUH observed fast (on the day of ‘Ashura) and gave us orders to observe it. [Sahih Bukhari and Muslim]

This is the authentic hadith mentioned the history of the Day of 'Ashura, which the Children of Israel was saved together with Prophet Musa when they across the Red Sea from Pharaoh. So, as a gratitude, they fast to remember that historical day.

The Quranic verses mentioned about the Day of 'Ashura?

There is no exactly verse mentioned about the Day of 'Ashura, but the history can be understood in verses 49 - 56, Surah al-Baqarah.

The authentic hadith on the Day of 'Ashura?

Mu’awiyah ibn Abu Sufyan RA relates: I heard the Messenger of Allah PBUH say: "It is the day of ‘Ashura. Allah SWT has not made fasting obligatory for you. But I am fasting. He who likes to observe fast among you should do so, and he who likes not to observe it (does not have to) observe it." [Sahih Muslim]

Abu Qatada RA relates that the Holy Nabi PBUH said that the fast on the 10th of Muharram atones for the sins of the preceding year. [Sahih Muslim]

Abu Huraira RA reports that the Holy Nabi PBUH said that after Ramadan, the fasts of Muharram have the greatest excellence. [Sahih Muslim]

Hakam ibn Al-Arat RA relates: I went to Ibn Abbas RA… I said to him: Tell me about fasting on ‘Ashura. He said, "When you seen the new moon of Muharram count the (days) and (begin to) observe fast on the 9th." I said to him: "Is it how the Holy Messenger of Allah PBUH observed the fast?" He said, "Yes." [Sahih Muslim]

The misunderstanding of the Day of 'Ashura?

There are a lot of stories mentioned about the history of the Day of 'Ashura, among them are: On this day: Allah accepted the repentance of Sayyidina Adam AS after his exile from Paradise; Allah saved Sayyidina Nuh AS and his companions in the ark; Allah extinguished the fire in which Sayyidina Ibrahim AS was thrown by Nimrod; And Allah spoke directly to Sayyidina Musa AS and gave him the Commandments. On this same 10th of Muharram, Sayyidina Ayyub AS was restored to health (from leprosy); Sayyidina Yusuf AS was reunited with his father Ya’qub AS; Sayyidina Yunus AS was taken out from the belly of the fish; and the sea was divided as the nation of israel was delivered from captivity and Pharoah’s army was destroyed. ‘Ashura is also the day when the kingdom of Sulaiman AS was restored; Sayyidina Isa ('Alaihis-Salaam) was raised to Jannah; and Sayyidina al- Imam Husayn RA (the Holy Nabi’s, Sall Allahu alaihi wa Aalihi wa Sallim, grandson) achieved the honor of Martyrdom.

It was also said that there are several actions and deeds that encouraged to practice in the Day of 'Ashura, BUT there is no authentic hadith support these actions. Among the actions:
- Whoever fasts on this day is like one who fasts all his life.
- Whoever clothes a naked person Allah SWT will release him from a painful punishment.
- He who visits a sick person, Allah SWT will grant him a reward that will not be decreased.
- Whoever places his hand on an orphan’s head, or feeds a hungry person or gives water to a thirsty man, Allah will feed him a feast from Paradise and will quench his thirst with Salsabil (a wine that does not intoxicate).
- Who ever takes a Ghusl on this day will enjoy excellent health and freedom from sickness and indolence.
- Whoever provides generously for his family on this day, Allah SWT will be generous to him throughout this year.
- Whoever applies Kuhl to his eyes will never suffer from eye-sore again

Actually, you can do these action on any day, not particularly in the Day of 'Ashura.

What is the lessons from the Day of 'Ashura?

  • To remember the historical event in which Allah give success to the right over the wrong. Allah saved Prophet Musa from Pharaoh.
  • To show the similarities of message between Prophet Muhammad and other Prophet, particularly Prophet Musa in worshiping Allah as the only God
  • To differentiate between obligatory and Sunnah action, because after the revelation came about the month of Ramadan is the month of fasting, the Prophet make the fast of the Day of 'Ashura is Sunnah only.

Selamat Berbuka Puasa to all those fasting today. May Allah accept all of our deeds.. Ameen.

Sunday, 12 December 2010

The House of Wisdom

Library is the most intelligent place. It contains knowledge and knowledgeable person together at the same place. A definition given in Wikipedia (HERE), Library is a collection of sources, resources, and services, and the structure in which it is housed; it is organized for use and maintained by a public body, an institution, or a private individual. In the more traditional sense, a library is a collection of books. It can mean the collection, the building or room that houses such a collection, or both.

In other words, library is the house of wisdom and information. It is alive and peaceful place that adored by everybody who loves the importance of knowledge. But I'm sure too that some might said that library is the most boring and silent place. Some also just took advantage to stay in the air-conditioner place like in the library to sleep in it and just to rest the body and mind. I don't care of others' opinion but I respect that. Each of us have our own perception on the library..

As a sharing, just coming back from National Library of Malaysia, I realized that books are the source of knowledge, so, it should not be difficult to receive this kind of sources. I really hope that anybody can get into this kind of knowledge easier especially in the place that called the House of Wisdom. As far as I concern, I really love IIUM Library compare to another library maybe because I get used to it. I went to libraries in another universities as well such as UTM and UM, but I like the services offered in IIUM especially the environment, book arrangements, borrowing system and so on.

Due my interest in books and library, I do hope that I will able to create my own personal library in the future. I have my own plans and dreams how to build my own house of knowledge and wisdom. The aim of this place is to make useful of the knowledge and appreciate the work of authors, at the same time, I can feel that books are not dead things but they are ALIVE..

Interesting Library~! In Kansas City. Photo by Jonathan Moreau

More awesome library over the world can be seen HERE.

You can click this LINK to see TOP 50 Library Websites around the world.

**I'm thinking about my own library, Am I thinking about my own book? hmm..

Tuesday, 7 December 2010


Salam Ma'alhijrah 1432H

1. Do you know that the real Hijrah of the Prophet Muhammad was not in the month of Muharram but in the month of Rabi'ul Awwal ? (Read more at Sirah Ibn Ishaq and Wikipedia HERE)

2. The first hijrah of the Prophet was from Makkah to Abyssinia. (Read more HERE, HERE and HERE)

3. Hijrah generally refers to the migration of the Prophet and his followers from Mecca to Yathrib (now Madinah). Hijrah also regards to a change from badness to goodness in term of place, physical, spiritual, intellectual, developmental and so on..

4. The first hadith of Forty Hadith Imam an-Nawawi closely related to the concept of hijrah. The Prophet said: "Actions are judged by intentions and everyone will be judged according to his intention. So whoever emigrates for the sake of Allah and His Messenger, his hijrah will be reckoned as done for Allah and His Messenger. But whoever emigrates for worldly reasons or marrying a woman, his hijrah will be reckoned accordingly."

5. Did the Prophets other than Prophet Muhammad perform Hijrah? Most of the Messenger, if not all, migrated, such as Prophet Musa went to a country called Madyan, where he married the daughter of a righteous old man (Prophet Shu`aib, peace be upon him) and stayed with him for ten years. (Read more HERE)

6. The concept of hijrah mentioned in the Quran was stated in Surah at-Tawbah, verse 20. Allah said: "Those who believe, and suffer exile and strive with might and main, in Allah's cause, with their goods and their persons, have the highest rank in the sight of Allah: they are the people who will achieve (salvation)"

7. There is no specific du'a to end the year and to start a new year mentioned in any hadith of the Prophet Muhammad. But if you sincerely du'a to get the blessing of Allah in any day in a year, Allah will listen to that du'a.

8. The significance of Hijrah is not limited to the Islamic history or to the Muslims. The Hijrah not only reshaped - socially and politically - the Arab Peninsula, but also had its impact on worldwide civilizations, and not only for previous years, but will continuously important to the next generations.

PG 2.2B, Mahallah Sumayyah in memory

1431H in Memory:
  • A student life hijrah to a life of student and lecturer. Teaching and learning are different but in a same responsibility.
  • A public transportation life hijrah to a life of responsible my own car. All thanks to Ayah~~
  • A campus life hijrah to a life at a new house 'Rumah Awangan', another lesson outside class and university.
  • A single life still maintain and not hijrah yet to another challenging life.hehe~~
** Plan, target and goal are NOT only to be aimed at the beginning of the new year, but should be prepared every time we start a new day. Have a blessed day, month, year and life to everyone..

Wednesday, 1 December 2010

Public Lecture: Syeikh Ramadan al-Bouti

Alhamdulillah. It was a great pleasure to attend a lecture delivered by a great Muslim Scholar. I know about his coming to Malaysia through Facebook and try to search another information of his lecture during his short period of time in Malaysia. Fortunately, my students willingly to give an accurate information about his lecture at IKIM, 10am - 12pm on 30 November 2010. Alhamdulillah, I asked them to go together with me to IKIM and arrived safely there even though we were a little bit late.

The title of this Public Lecture is "Application of Fiqh Sirah in Contemporray Issues". The moderator of this lecture is YB Ir. Dr. Muhammad Fuad Abdullah and he translated every explanation of Syeikh in Arabic to Malay Language.

Ok, this entry will be divided into three parts; 1. Short Biography of Sheikh Ramadan al-Bouti, 2. Short Content of his famous book "Fiqh Sirah al-Nabawiyyah", 3. Short Sharing of his Public Lecture.

Short Biography of Sheikh Ramadan al-Bouti

  • Born in 1929 in the village of Jilka, which belongs to the island of “Butan”, i.e. Ibn ‘Umar, situating inside the Turkish boundaries, north of Iraq. He immigrated to Damascus with his late father, Mulla Ramadan when he was four years old.
  • Completed his legal secondary study in the Institute of Islamic Guidance in Damascus, and joined the faculty of religion at Al-Azhar University. He acquired ‘The International’ Certificate there in 1955. Next year, he joined the faculty of Arabic at Al-Azhar, too and acquired education Diploma at the end of the same year.
  • Appointed as dean in the faculty of religion at Damascus University in 1960, and deputed to Al-Azhar University to attain doctorate in the roots of the Islamic law. He could acquire the relevant certificate in 1965.
  • Appointed as instructor in the college of law of Damascus University in 1965, as a deputy of the college later on and as its dean then as a the chief of the Department of tenets and religions at Damascus University.
  • Participated, and is still participating, in many global conferences and symposia, and is, in addition, a member in the royal society of the Islamic Civilization Researches in Amman, and member in the higher board of Oxford academy.
  • Wrote no less than forty books on the sciences of religion, literature, philosophy and sociology, the problems of civilization and others.
>> More info about him can be read HERE.

Short Content of his famous book "Fiqh Sirah al-Nabawiyyah"

  • The importance of Sirah in Islam and how to make Sirah practicable in contemporary's life
  • The methodology in study the life of the Prophet
  • Biography of Prophet Muhammad PBUH since his birth until his death.
  • Wisdom and Lessons (دروس وعبىر) in every topic especially in historical events of Prophet Muhammad PBUH.
  • The leadership of Khulafa' al-Rasyidun after the death of the Prophet.

>> Fiqh Sirah can be downloaded HERE and HERE
*His book was regularly used during my undergraduate study.

Short Sharing of his Public Lecture.

  • He encouraged to read the book of Sirah during leisure time and it should be read collectively not individually to study and analyze the Prophet's teaching and his life, as it will benefit everybody.
  • The application of Sirah in our life especially in today's life needs a big Jihad.
  • Sirah should be implemented both internally and externally through universal way in all aspects of life.
  • During the time of Khulafa' al-Rasyidun, they use Sirah of the Prophet as their main reference in every matters, but it doesn't show that they Ma'sum like the Prophet. They might did wrong action. Alla of us made wrong too. We are not perfect, but at least we practice what taught by our Prophet.
  • Sirah is the soul of Islamic knowledge and it never change no matter what happens.
>> To see the interview with him in Youtube, please click HERE.

**Time running too fast. December is coming~~!