Sunday, 7 November 2010

Sweet Sour Weekend

5th November 2010

As planned earlier in the last month, I'm going back to JB for this weekend not for celebrating the Deepavali Day, but I'm waiting to go to the reunion with my friends on Saturday Night. At the same time, my bro-in-law is going to perform to Hajj, so, May Allah make everything easy for him and accepted his Ibadah InsyaAllah..

HOME always make me happy... A sweet Friday~!

6th November 2010

Something fishy happened, but this time with no bad or nice smell. It just happened in a second. Everything was my own fault...... I'm sorry dad.. I'm really sorry..

Sometimes, there are some lessons that cannot be found in class, school, college and university, but those lessons are more valuable and helpful in facing this challenging life.. Live life to the fullest~! Experience is the best lesson..

However, the Saturday Night changed the sour day into a very sweet day. I'm waiting this day for a long long time ago..... Honestly, I can't forget all memories in my first secondary school in Benut, Pontian. There were too many unforgettable memories and I learned a lot of things especially on what life is all about.. I'm not regret that I was a naughty girl previously in my school, because those days will be never forgotten..

Thanks a lot to Wan NorHanizan for willingly to be the programme organizer. We know that u had a headache but I'm sure that all of us satisfied with the simple gathering and reunion at Banafe Village, Johor Bahru. Simple is the best..

The first person I met was my old BFF. She was the first friend at secondary school known as my best buddy ever. Both of us cried because this was the first time we met after 11 years. Just imagine, 11 years are not a short distance of time. I really miss u Wana and I tried to search you since my undergraduate.. Alhamdulillah, I found u back.. and Facebook is the one who unite all of us back.. Ops! Allah is the one who did that, but Facebook is the medium of our communication..

Zawanah Raimi, my best buddy during secondary school.
She's working as Inspector Police at Taiping, Perak right now.

Honestly, I'm Happy. Yes, we were too happy at that night. We exchanged stories of our life, remembered back all stupid memories and the things that why we hate and love our school. Only Allah knows the meaning of happiness on that night in gathering and reunion with old friends after never met for more than 10 years. Yes we are physically and psychologically changed, but our memory never changed and this friendship will remain forever..

I'm little bit jealous when they brought their own families; husband and children..huhu

7th November 2010

Today, I'm going back to KL. No more sweetness, because when I'm coming to the campus, the thing that I have to think is tomorrow is working day and thesis writing still not finish yet..

But, after Maghrib prayer, my JASAian friends and I had a simple meeting and had dinner together at a restaurant. The last day we met was around 3 months ago. All of us busy with our own career and work, but we still never forget the Ukhuwwah that we build 4 years ago in a path called as "Perjuangan" still remain in our hearts. I really miss those memories.. I miss all our programmes.. I do hope that nothing can destroy this friendship except it was determined by Allah.. Our Pictures can be viewed HERE

**"Truly great friends are hard to find, difficult to leave and impossible to forget"
I'm tired.... But I'm happy...

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