Friday, 26 November 2010

Stress Management

Stress is a feeling that's created when we react to particular events. It's the body's way of rising to a challenge and preparing to meet a tough situation with focus, strength, stamina, and heightened alertness.

It is also the emotional and physical strain caused by our response to pressure from the outside world. Common stress reactions include tension, irritability, inability to concentrate, and a variety of physical symptoms that include headache and a fast heartbeat.

It's almost impossible to live without some stress. And most of us wouldn't want to, because it gives life some spice and excitement. But if stress gets out of control, it may harm your health, your relationships, and your enjoyment of life.

The definition of stress was taken from HERE and HERE.

Let's not talk about stress to not increase that feeling disorder again, but let's see the way to reduce or decrease the stress. I'm sure that each person has their own style to deal with stress as long as we try our best to remove it away.

I gather some important ways that can be used to reduce stress from my reading and I share some my own ways for personal preference.

1. Pray & Meditate.
Allah is the best place to show our feeling. HE is a very good listener. Ask His help. Pray a lots and meditate (Muhasabah) for a while why we got stress of our study, work and environment. InsyaAllah, HE will show the way and right path to all of us.

2. Go for a walk.
Leave everything for a while. Take a walk in the morning or evening and see people surrounding us. See the beautiful creatures that Allah created in this world. Walk alone so that you have time to relax yourself and don't get into any conversation. Isn't clouds in the morning and stars at night are too beautiful? :)

3. Spending time in your favorite place.
Go to a place that you like the most. If you think that Mosque is the best place, go and relax there. Bookstore is also a heaven to me. I can forget everything if I just stare at so many books, browsing and spending hours there. Or you can easily go back to your own Home because it is the comfortable place to all of us.

4. Light reading.
I love books, but not all books can reduce our stress. So, please don't choose heavy contents of the book, but get a light reading that can make us laugh and smile.

5. Ice-Cream & Chocolate.
This is the favorite choice during stress. Ice-cream will cool your mood and Chocolate will add its sweetness and creamy to yourself. But, don't take it too much because it is not really good for our health.

6. Watch movies.
It can help to reduce stress too because you just forget everything and focus what shown in the TV, laptop or cinema. Cinema is not my choice because it might add my stress when see bad things happen inside it, so, I just lock my doors and spend hours to see any movies or dramas. Don't watch serious movie because it will lead you to think so much,so, get a humor and comedy movie to enjoy yourself.

7. Open back your old diaries.
Due to my busyness, it was rarely to write diary again. But I love to refresh back old memories by open back old diaries. Then, for sure I will smile all the days.. :) Pictures always speak more than words.

8. Make yourself special.
We sometimes forget to treat ourselves in a special way. You can treat yourself with a delicious food, beautiful dress, expensive book or gadgets, and many more. Just give yourself any present and say Thank You to yourself in appreciating a hard work done by yourself. Then, it might reduce any burden on your shoulder.

9. Call a loved one.
Although I'm not prefer to do this, but it is good for you. You can share your joy and sorrow with them; family and friends. Don’t underestimate the power of human contact and friendship which can help to reduce all the tension. Be good to others, then they will do same to you.

10. Be Positive & Be yourself
This is the most important one. Try to think positive in every matter happens to you, even though it is hard and difficult for you, but still there is a Hikmah behind all of that. Be optimistic and be yourself. As these are my own ways to reduce my stress, you might have your own ways. Some people are not suitable to practice these ways because we are different and I'll appreciate our differences.

Choose your own ways. No stress, No tension. Be Positive.

Because Allah always there for us...

Saadah Khair
2.10PM, 26 November 2010
Writing in the bus in a way from KL to JB.

*Home & Family is another way to reduce stress.. ^__^

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