Monday, 15 November 2010

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Aquilla Asia

This is not a book, but an international magazine published in Singapore. It is a 4th Issue for Sept-Oct 2010. Just a sharing that my short story of Eid Memory around the world was published there, as my story of Ramadan was published in the previous issue. Although it was just ordinary memory and writing, it was a great happiness of mine.

by Herman Hesse

I read it two months ago, not in English version, but Malay version which I got it as a free copy while attending seminar at ITNM. This book was written by German author and was translated to 57 languages of the world.

This book is a story of a son of Brahman, Siddhartha. He was on a quest to find the meaning of life. Through this book, the reader can enjoy his struggle to find his own journey in many different life experiences. He tried to find out for himself who he really is. Along the way, he meets rich people, poor people, holy people, and becomes part of their world for a short time. This book is relevant to everyone, because experience is the best lesson to all of us. We will not get happiness unless we face the difficulties and hardship.

Najib's Answer:
Solving Yesterday's Problem, Today's Conflicts and Tomorrow's Challenges.

This is the latest book that I bought for my personal collection, especially it will help me in my thesis writing. I finished reading it for two days because it only contains 99 pages. Even though it is a small book, but its content is not a small issue. Original copy was written in Malay, and translated as well to English, Chinese and Tamil (as shown in the picture above) in order to serve the diversity of Malaysian Society.

It consists of questions and answers which was taken from Prime Minister's selected speeches and not directly from an interview but was supervised by himself. The questions relate to the government, developed nation, public sector transformation, integrity of civil servants, economic stability, independence and national integration, 1Malaysia Concept, the relationship between Malaysia and Asian, Malaysia and international issue, and the effect of internet technology. The answer given also not too long and perhaps accurate and easy to understand.

However, I wanna give my humble suggestion to PM if he wanna make a second edition of this book. He should give the opportunity to Malaysian in writing additional questions which is not included in this book, and the questions might be taken from different generations; students, adults, and old age people, of course from different races as well. So, it will be just and fair rather than created the questions which sometimes not be thought by themselves. And the answer must come from himself directly, not selected from any of his speeches to be clearly appreciated and aware of his leadership and responsibility to serve the citizen.

Islam Awakening: Between Rejection and Extremism
by Yusuf al-Qaradawi

I bought this book last month at Kinokuniya with different front cover page. It is a very interesting, thoughtful and important book which should be read not only by Muslims but non-Muslim as well. In this book, Sheikh Yusuf al-Qaradawi cited several major issues in our Muslim world; the accusation and the truth, the causes of extremism, the remedy of extremism and the advice from him to our Muslim youth. I did not finish reading it yet, but I can tell the important message of this book is all about moderation (Wasatiyyah) and how to be moderate not extremist.

This book can be read online HERE

The Time Traveler's Wife
by Audrey Niffenegger

I knew about this book long time ago, but just bought it last month at Bookexcess with a very cheap price compare to another Book Store. I'm still reading this book, it's all about a love story between Henry and Claire. In the beginning of reading, it is complicated to understand the real situation of time and their ages because the main message is time travel, so it is very important to understand every scene is carried on different times. Some readers criticized this book and still there are some of them adore it. Its' okay, I just wanna read and finish it. As a sharing from other readers, she said: The Time Traveler's Wife is a story of fate, hope and belief, and more than that, it's about the power of love to endure beyond the bounds of time.

**Chapter 4 and 5 is moving together. Read, think, write, and act~!

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