Sunday, 21 February 2010

KunangKuning + Tasik Gelongsor


The interesting and funny title of this entry will make me smile and laugh all the night.. After have the best program at Baca@LRT and hangout with Moon during the day of 20Feb, i went to meet some old friends, still family and fren of JASA at the night. As planned by Haidir, we met at Kunang2 Restaurant beside the Shell Station.

I'm happy. It is a very long time to gather with this family members since we last met at our Appreciation Night last year. Although we came in a small number, but it still happening as before. We are all Alumni, the senior members except Tika. The brothers are Haidir, Ustz Mid, Syuk, Syam and Jaa, and the sisters are Affern, Dela, Tika and Me. This is our first time too to have a meal at Kunang2. Plus with the expensive price, the taste of food is not so good. That's why i prefer to call KunangKuning, I'm sorry to the owner, but please choose the right chef in the future.. Thank You..

We shared a lot of stories, and make some plans to strengthen our family relationship. The nearest plan is the convoi to Kak Yati's wedding on 20th March, insyaAllah. And honestly speaking, i miss so much all the memories that we ever had before, and remembering the sweet memories in this family can always make me wanna cry so bad.. But Jasa nowadays is not same like before. Too many juniors, too many new faces, too many changes, but the name of Jasa is chiseled in my very deep heart.. and i'm still hope that Jasa will be better from our days before..

Unfortunately, we will not come again.. Good Bye KunangKuning!

Then, we went to Taman Tasik Titiwangsa to just have a fresh night air after having not-so-good meal..haha.. We walked, not jogged, and chatted again and again with so much laugh and smile. The interesting place is the big playground with new fully games, and it is the only place is lightened by a big lamp. It was so exciting... As said by Syam, we will not play during the day coz there were too many children, that's why we have a lot of fun at night with not so many people there..hehe.. We played gelongsor, We played buaian, We ate ice cream, We enjoyed the walk too! Sadly, there were too many maksiat over there and we found many foods were thrown away, where there were many poor people will really appreciate to have that kind of foods...

Ice Cream~! Yummy..

Then, we reached UIA at 12 plus some minutes and not being asked by Pak Guard.. phew, selamat..hehe.. Tired but fun!!

A simple friend thinks the friendship over when you have an argument. A real friend knows that it's not a friendship until after you've had a fight. - Unknown

Thanks Friends..

**Lets Focus on the Ibahah's test tomorrow!
My 'waiting day' was coming today, but it was really tiring day.. -__-"

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