Saturday, 20 February 2010

Baca@LRT on 20 Feb 2010


I am so happy.. I was and still happy when i am so eager to write in this entry. The programme at Baca@LRT was successfully conducted today although i am only one of the thousands members, as well as one of hundreds participants on 20 Feb 2010. There were increasing numbers of participants more than last month, and it was really happening..

Thanks to Kak Syam for sending us (Moon & me) to Terminal Putra by her car, and fortunately we are not late.. I am so happy coz i thought that i might miss the train at 10.06am. Arrived there, i'm greet a fren that i knew from last programme, and i'm introduced mun to her, coz she asked about Aidah (joined last month). Poor Aidah coz she infected by chicken pox.... kesiyaaan sangat2.. May Allah bless her and have a good health then..

Yesterday, i brought 3 books; Cinta Fansuri by A. Samad Said for my reading, Hatiku terluka di Bukhara (for Mun's reading coz i know that she will not bring any books), and Ibahah's note coz i have a test on Monday but i cannot read that book in the LRT coz its A4 size note and everrybody will ask what am i reading coz it is in arabic. So, i just read Cinta Fansuri and i think that this is a special book coz i'm searching it for a long long time. i found the english one translated by ITNM as 'Fansuri's Love', but i wanna read the Malay one because i wanna have a deep imagination on A. Samad Said's writing. And this is the first book that i bought online at Thanks for a very good service!

From Terminal Putra to Taman Jaya station, it took around 40 minutes. Arriving at TJ, there were so many readers at LRT that join us today. It was so exciting when the station was flooded by us. Fortunately too, there was a welcoming signboard from Book Excess by 2 ladies. It was an honor. We had a short briefing and photography session. We also have to fill the membership form worth RM100 but free of charge on that day. Then, we walked to Amcorp Mall excitingly to know the Book Excess shop.
A welcoming signboard
A flooded readers
New Friends

This two photo copied from Bro. Nizam at his Facebook

This is my first time to Amcorp Mall, as well to Book Excess (click HERE). The shop is small but the orange color is a fun color for readers and books. We have to queue first to submit the form and get a free Book Thong. It is so beautiful and cute. I chose a black color one but it has a cross sign, then i picked the chocolate color, and it still cute.. Then, when i look at the book price, it is so cheap compare to another book store especially there are international books and they have a big promotion on "Read more, Pay less". I like it! I just bought a book coz i save my budget to buy many books at Book Fest on March. Anyway, CONGRATS Baca@LRT. You did a great job~!

Book Thong. Pink is Mun's, Chocolate is mine

My new book, only RM17.90. Usual price is RM30-RM40
I knew this book from one of my frens

Then, Mun and I plan to go first without waiting anyone there, we went straight to Masjid Jamek station and walked to Jalan TAR to wash our eyes...haha.. I will not tell more stories about our enjoyment here, but thanks to my girlfriend, i love u so much Mun. I knew her from MC IIUM, and we still fren until now. We had a good attachment even though we are not share many things, we just understand with each other silently. I like that way.. Thanks Mun, and i do hope that our friendship will last forever...

21 Feb 2010
Happiness Everlasting

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