Sunday, 28 February 2010



How are you today? May Allah shower all of us with his love and blessing.. Do we realize that our weather becoming more hotter and hotter nowadays, and the rain will come in a sudden.

I read Berita Harian Online last weekend that world now is affected by el-Nino, you can read HERE, and Info on El Nino can be read HERE.

Some light advice to all of you during this hot weather:
  • Organising your day to avoid being outside during the hottest time, around 12.00 pm to 3.00 pm. I like to stay in the library during this time, cos it's cold there.. :)
  • Wearing a hat and light, loose-fitting clothing, and keeping to the shade, if you have to go out. OK, loose-fitting cloth is my favourite..
  • Taking plenty of water with you wherever you go. I always bring a bottle of water everyday..
  • Taking cold showers or baths and splashing yourself often with cold water. I like shower too.. :)
  • Open your windows at night, when it's cooler. Oh yeah, my windows is always open day and night, that's why mosquito always disturb my dream..
  • Keep drinking plenty of fluids, like juice or water, and avoid coffee and alcohol. But coffee is my favourite breakfast.... :(
  • Avoid heavy and hot food; modify your diet to include plenty of fruit and salad as this helps keep you hydrated. I like hot foods too..... :(
  • Use a high factor sun cream. Ok..
  • If you feel sick or dizzy, keep out of the sun and seek medical advice. Ok, i will take care of my health, insyaAllah..

**Lets be patience on the hot weather in the world, How about hot in the Hereafter ?
Did you think about that ??

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