Tuesday, 2 March 2010

Congrats My Twin~!

Congratulation dear..
She is my twin with different faces, different parents, different personality.. but we are twin in term of name.. Her name exactly same like mine: Nur Sa'adah. But we have different nickname among our friends.. And she was married, but i'm staying single.. ^____^

28 February 2010, we all are invited to attend her wedding at Bangunan Risda, Jalan Ampang, KL. She send the card by herself to me, so, i have to go.. Furthermore, it is encouraged to fulfill others invitation to their big happy day.. We (Timah, Moon, Dela & Me) arrived late due to some circumstances, but fortunately we met some of our friends in same batch IRK. We miss a lot during our happy young day during undergraduate. I miss those memory more than them because i'm still present alone and bored in the UIA compared to them.. ;(

Anyway, Adah was soo beautiful.. I like her dress..hehe.. Congrats again to Adah & Ayap. Now, you are a husband and wife. Be a good wife my dear.. Barakallahu lakuma wa jama'a bainakuma fil khair..

There are another wedding invitations in this month: 13 March (Yahya & his wife, Kak Ainon & her husband), 14 March (Mardhiana & her husband), 20 March (Kak Yati & her husband). Congrats to all of them in advance...

Then, who's next...??

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