Saturday, 27 March 2010

New Books

New books again !
Thanks Ayah for being my side on last Friday at KLIBF 2010. I love you so much.
Spending the whole day with him is really meaningful day.

Both books are the sharing stories how to be a good wife like Khadijah and Aisyah, two great wives of Prophet Muhammad. This is not a sign that i already prepared to be a wife [haha], but both of them are great examples of wives to a great person such the last messenger, and maybe these books can be a good preparation for me to be a good wife in the future.

Just wanna share some good points from 'Berbunga Cinta Aisyah di Hati Rasulullah" [page xxviii], we always read in the wedding invitation cards or listen from the speaker on the following sentences:

Usah dambakan isteri sehebat Khadijah,
Jika diri tidak semulia Rasulullah

Tidak perlu isteri secantik Balqis,
Andai diri tidak sehebat Sulaiman

Usah mengharapkan suami setampan Yusuf,
Jika kasih tidak setulus Zulaikha

Tidak perlu mencari suami seteguh Ibrahim,
Jika diri tidak sekuat Hajar dan Sarah

Usah bermimpi mendapat lelaki seperti Ali,
Jika diri tidak sehebat Fatimah

And the author changed to a more interesting and positive sentences and it is really motivating the open-minded person. Lets see how the sentences changed..

Aku dambakan isteri sehebat Khadijah,
Aku cuba mengikut akhlaq semulia Rasulullah

Jika aku ingin isteri secantik Balqis,
Aku pelajari dan hayati kehebatan Sulaiman

Jika aku mengharapkan suami setampan Yusuf,
Kasih tidak setulus Zulaikha aku usahakan

Aku mencari suami seteguh Ibrahim,
Lalu aku harus sekuat Hajar dan Sarah

Aku bermimpi mendapat lelaki seperti Ali,
Maka aku mengiku hebatnya Fatimah

So, what the differences? The humble person who always blame for the weakness of him/herself OR the positive person who trying to search the best for him/herself. Which one is better? Ask yourself. And think about it.. ^___^

**Too many new books, confuse on which one to be read first. My style is read all books at the same time without finishing particular book within the times. But lets focus on academic book first. Exam~!! :P

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