Monday, 15 March 2010

Pos Bersih, Slim River, Perak

13 March 2010, I continue my 'Unforgotten Journey' to Aboriginal Village at Pos Bersih, Slim River, Perak Darul Ridzuan. I put a name of 'Unforgotten Journey' is because i'm trying my best to not ignore my responsibility to spread da'wah among Orang Asli although i have other responsibilities in my life. I'm trying to manage my time to join this kind of programme once in a month or any of my leisure time either in university programmes or outside programme like this.

So, last Saturday (only 1 day), i joined IOA-ABIM programme lead by Encik Syamsul to this village at Pos Bersih, accompanied by Yusuf, Aisyah, Hajar & Zulaika. Like its name, this village is really clean, neat & tidy, and the villagers also are so kind and very helpful one. There were only minority who converted to Islam, and it is our responsibility to make them convenience with this religion as a way of our life. So, we have to always visit them and share what we have by the name of brotherhood in Islam. And this is my first time to visit this clean village.. :)

Due to my busy day during this week, i will just share some interesting pictures additional with small info..

This is a general look of Pos Bersih. There were terrace houses and old design houses too, plus primary school and kindergarten. It's totally clean!

Cooking Time. Lunch Time. I'm just helping to prepare the cooking things and not the one who cook the dishes.. We stayed in this Muslim house and they are so hardworking. The children were so nice and we watched Indonesian horror movie together..hehe.. Honestly, i'm really miss curry at Kg Orang Asli...

Do you know that i have this talent?? hahaha.. It is not easy like you think. You need patience and strength to finish this decoration. I forgot its name.. Thanks to Sis Rozita for her patience to teach a stubborn student like me..hehe

Before we left this village (actually there are 3 villages at Pos Bersih), we had the enjoy moment with children in this last village. It raining outside but we have a lot of fun. We ate sweet and playing together.

I like this moment..! When i came to 'mandi2 sungai' with aborigine children, suddenly, a group of canoeing came.. It was so exciting because this is my first time to see their adventure expedition. They took three hours to reach this village along Ulu Slim River. All of them came from KL and will continue their expedition to another place.. The river is cool~!

Kolam Air Panas, 104 celcius. So Hot..! Unfortunately, we didn't bring eggs.. See the boiling waiter.. blurp..blurp..blurp..

Four of us ^___^

** This week is the last lecture week for this semester.. I'm Happy~!! \(^_~)/


  1. this semester is my last study in UIA.. I'm really hapy..oyeahhh!!!..

  2. i'm sure u will happy now, but will sad after u leave this beloved memorable university~!!