Wednesday, 7 April 2010


In the name of Allah, the Most Gracious, the Most Merciful

Allah said in the Holy Quran:

"Travel through the earth and see what was the end of those before (you): Most of them worshipped others besides God." (30:42)

"Do they not travel through the earth, and see what was the end of those before them? But the home of the hereafter is best, for those who do right. Will ye not then understand?" (12:109)

Travel is one of my hundred dreams. As mentioned two Quranic verses above, travel is permissible in Islam, though it is encouraged to travel around the world in order to see the creation of God and learn from others culture and civilization, not to follow and adopt their products, but as a lesson to be better in worship only HIM.

During my childhood, Ayah always bring 5 of us, my sibling go to travel. In a simple understanding: he brought our family going to enjoy the holiday at everywhere even only in Malaysia. I'm still remember our moment at Langkawi, Pangkor Island, and so on. That's why, our family is close with each other and we have a great binding together, but now it seems everybody has their own family and i'm sure that we will still stay the same in a happy family. That is also the reason, i like to travel. And my dad will allow anywhere i want to go with two conditions, be safe and dont forget Solat..!

I am so envy with my eldest brother for spending around 3 years and half in UK with his family, with my second sister for getting her degree from Azhar, Egypt in 5 years, and my younger brother for still continuing his study in Egypt too and now he already three years there. I'm not going anywhere except Singapore because i have a lot of relatives there, but i'm still lucky for staying in Malaysia and this is my beloved country. There are many places that have been not visited yet here, and it will save costs a lot..hehe..

For a short writing here, i will go to Thailand tomorrow~!!!! I'm so excited. haha.. The happiness after ended the story of examination in IIUM will be further continued in my holiday. I'm happy... lalalala~~ Actually i have a lot of friends from Thailand, my roommate this semester is also from that country, as well as my classmate. And this programme is invited by my ex-roommate during my final year degree, we are still close until now. She knows that i really want to go there, so, she asked me to go with her join the English Camp organized at a private Islamic School in Southern Thai. The programme is not only to have a fun, but we have to teach English for high school students who will sit for their important exam. Most of the participants in this programme is International students of IIUM, there are only 5 Malays including me. We will not be paid any salary or wages, but they will support our accommodation and holiday trips, and i think that is more than enough. InsyaAllah i will update my story for enjoying a week in Thailand as soon as possible in this blog. ^___^

A map of Thailand. I will be at Songkhla and Hat Thai only, not the whole country!

And for this time, i'm not bringing any of my Malay friends not because i'm selfish but i just wanna enjoy with new friends, new experience, especially in the new environment. I wanna feel to be at the place that i will not understand a single word of their mother-tounge language. I wanna know the feeling of being a foreign person. I know i can do well, InsyaAllah. Like my sister said, "Campak je Saadah tu kat mana-mana, InsyaAllah dia leh hidup je!".. hahaha.. I love to try something different..

Come back to the issue of travel, InsyaAllah one day i will go travel around the world. InsyaAllah... Like Ikal and Arai in the story of Sang Pemimpi by Andrea Hirata, he said: "Bermimpilah.. kerana Tuhan akan memeluk mimpi-mimpi itu", and they succeed to travel around France just because of they believe that Allah will answer their prayer and make their dreams become true.

Guess what place is this. You will be given 10 marks. hehe.. My dream place!

Ok, lets have fun~!

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