Sunday, 8 August 2010

Unforgettable Weekend


Unwillingly I'm already back to campus, after had an unforgettable weekend which consists of dark and bright memory. Let me start with dark memory first..

Dark Memory [will be never forgotten]

My bus to JB supposedly was at 8.30pm, but the driver tried to fill all the seats with full passengers, and we moved around 9.15pm. I was patiently waiting even I did not patient enough to wait from the morning to go back to my home. Because, I did not going back since June, and I'm really miss my home...

In the bus, I took the first row of the single seat because it is more comfortable to sleep alone rather to sleep beside unknown people. So, I planned to sleep all the time in the journey to JB. Around 12am, the bus stopped for a while at Yong Peng and gave the opportunity to passengers to use restroom, and we continued our sleep again after that. Suddenly, I woke up, and saw that the bus driver can't control the 'stereng' of the bus. So, the bus moved here and there, everyone was shocked and screamed, but still cannot be controlled. The bus finally stopped and crashed the side of the road, and rolled back in the position of 90 degree. I'm so scared.... I'm really scared at that time because I cannot moved my body since my leg stucked in the land slide.. The only thing that crossed my mind is the DEATH, and I can only said 'Allah' during that time..

The bus driver helped to pull my leg. Everyone tried to save their own life and material things, then we helped each other. I'm still scared. There was no exit door during that time, but Alhamdulillah some people from outside came and helped all of us. Police also came after that. My handphone was running out of battery. I just can sms my sister and told her about the accident. My family was really worried about me.. Another bus helped us to go to our next destination. I arrived at Home around 4am in the morning..

Anyway, Alhamdulillah that Allah saved my life, and I did understood the value of life.. Na'uzubillah If I pass away at that time, the I will do not have the opportunity of Ramadhan for this year.. T__T

Bright Memory [will be everlasting]

HOME. It always make everybody happy. Isn't it? I did not have a big house. My small house is a big home in my heart. My father said that "Home is enough to be filled by everyone, not too small, not too big. Be moderate." Yes, that's it. Be moderate. Moderation is the best lesson that taught by my dad.

Alhamdulillah I'm finally home after that bad incident. It was really make me relieved. I spent the whole Saturday at home with my dad, because my mom and my sister went to ziarah my grandfather at Singapore. I'm not feeling well as well as my dad because he got virus infection at his eyes, and I love dating with my dad..hehe..because we will share a lot of stories and discuss many things. But Sunday is the day that I should go back to the campus. We had a simple gathering in the afternoon to celebrate 'kesyukuran' for my sister and just had 'makan-makan' with family before Ramadhan. I'm happy.. no more scared feeling... :)

Whatever it is, small, full, messy, dirty, or anything else, Home still is the best.. Thanks Emak and Ayah for let me know the real meaning of HOME.. Now, I'm in the campus again... :(

And whatever it is, Allah is the one who planned everything. There should be hikmah and wisdom behind every matter in our life. Alhamdulillah ya Allah..

**Syaaban will end soon. Ramadhan is coming~!

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