Wednesday, 21 April 2010

1000 Memories in Thailand


Almost 10 days in Thailand created uncountable memories in my life. Thousand memories only just a symbol, but i even cannot count the exact number of those memories.

Departed from Puduraya at 11pm, 8 April 2010 straight to Hadyai. I met new friends from IIUM but originated from many different countries. I didn't bring a single of my old friend because I'm sure that i will meet new friends. Kak Da, Kak Mah, Safiyah, Tasnim and Huda (Thailand), Kak Shima, Kak Nurul and Rbaeyah (Malaysia), Kak Uswah and Zakki (Indonesia), Asem and Amoodi (Yaman), Rauf (Ghana), Abdul Rahman (Kenya). It was more than enough to be facilitator in Songsermsasana Vittaya School, Songkhla, Thailand.

The main target of our journey is to accomplish the English Camp in that school, while travelling and enjoying ourselves in Thailand are -supposedly- the second target of our journey.. So, that is our responsibilities to make sure th English Camp held successfully for 5 days. The students of that school are great. They had courage to learn English in their own way, they were so creative and brave to try new things, and i think that they were much more better than me during my previous secondary school.. I do hope that all of them can achieve their dreams and be a great person in the future..insyaAllah..

So, Thailand.. It really can make me smile until now. hehe.. The first amazing visited place was Floating Market. I dont know why i always think that the floating market can be found only in Thailand. And during at that time, i was so excited..... Majority of the sellers are women and they were so sporting for smiling when i snapped their pictures. I dont know how to express my feeling here but i encourage to all of my friends go there by yourself.. You can feel the full satisfaction.. ^__^

After floating market, we went to the restaurant in the middle of the sea.. oh yeah! it was actually not a sea, but a very large beautiful lake.. It was awesome with windy weather twilight.huhu.. Tom Yam Kun was awesome too~! It was my first time eat the different taste of Tom Yam cooked by the pure Thai chef.. Sedaapp~~

Then tomorrow morning, we went to Pasar Pagi in front of the school. It was so different environment with JB or KL. I dont like to go to market, but i wanna know the feeling of Thailand's market..hehe.. The English Camp started on Saturday's evening, but i dont want to tell more about the whole programme held with them. I just wanna mention some interesting places which i visited during 10 days in Thailand.

A trip with SSV students was held on 14 April. We went to Museum of Songkhla, Aquarium of Songkhla and Tang Kuan Hill. Unfortunately, we were not had much time to visit Samila Beach and a Historical Village in Songkhla.. :( But its ok... I had so much fun during that day!

The last day of English Camp, we went to Satun with SSV students as well. We played canoe at a river ( i dont know its name). It was my first time to enjoy the long journey canoeing with Zakki and Rauf. I tried it before but it was not adventurous journey like we had in Satun..huhu.. We decided to wait all the students took their turns first, then we begin our journey along the uncertain river. It was so fun at the beginning because i am the only queen, but i wanna try to conduct the canoe with Zakki's help. I was so happy even though we have to go through the wrong path (hahaha...), the dark cave (scary....), and the nice happy students (pretend to be better than them..huhu). Honestly, i will never ever forget those moment in my life..

At the same day, it was the last day we spent together with students. They were going back to school, but we continued our journey to Satun Island. All sisters stayed in Tarutao Island, and the brothers spent their night on the boat in the middle of the sea. I enjoyed every moment in the Island by praising the only God for creating the beautiful creatures in this world. Subhanallah! We spent time in the island by waiting the sunrise, swimming, and climbing the cliff. After that, we wanna see the brother's boat and wanna know what were they did the whole night on the sea.

It was so hot~! My first time spending a day experienced as a fisherman. But i like it... I chatted with the sea pilot (actually, i dont know the exact name of the boat driver..hehe), even though we have language barrier (he spoke Thai, and i spoke English & Malay with him), i learned new things with him how to control the boat. Kap Kun Kah Pi chai.. (Thank You Brother). I experienced the fishing as well.. And i fell in love with sea during that time..

We arrived at land during Asar prayer time. We stopped by at Kak Da's house to get some rest for a while before all of us continue our different journey. Some of us were going back to KL, Thai friends were going back to their home, and the rest were continued the travel to another place, including me. There were two groups; a group to Trang and a group to Phuket. My journey in Phuket will be continued in another entry... ^__^

Some of pictures in Thailand can be viewed HERE

** Thailand, i will come again to you next time...

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