Tuesday, 6 April 2010

The Exam Moment


First and foremost, gratitude to Allah for having a such great and happy moment in this life. I finished all the exam. I completed all 10 subjects of coursework for my postgraduate study. I ended in entering exam hall maybe for the last time this morning. I just waited a bit longer staying in the exam hall for today's paper even though i finished answering all the questions. Alhamdulillah. Alhamdulillah. Alhamdulillah.. I am so relieved~!

Exam is ended, but examination will still go on in our reality of life. Life is an exam. All of us are examined by Him The Almighty, and the real success is in not only in this world, but the Hereafter. And as a student, the word of exam is really scary thing since my primary school. Everybody seems to want to do their best unless they just take exam as a simple test not take it in a serious matter.. But i'm sure i will miss many things related to the exam..

My special black mug of Nescafe. It is a must to avoid sleepy feeling during my revision. But lately, i still feel sleepy after took nescafe..huhu

My notes and mindmap. Blue, Black and Red pen. Oh! my loyal purple mechanical pencil..

My study table. I will sit tight on the chair close to my desk and not moving around..

My black "ninja". haha..

My mom. She will wake me up for Subuh Prayer on the day of my exam. She will call again an hour before the exam. She will say the same things since my secondary school to make sure i'm fine to answer all the questions. "Selawat banyak2. Baca surah alam nasyrah. Solat Dhuha sebelum pergi. Jawab betol2''. If i have three papers in a week, i will listen three times but i love that and will just laugh. By the way, I love u emak! Thanks for everything. Your prayer is really meaningful for me..

A support from family and friends. Their do'a and wishes are appreciable. They might be contributing to my success. Thank You everyone!

And i just wanna thank my self as an appreciation to do well and great efforts during my undergraduate and postgradute study. After this, my focus will be changed soon. More serious plan and action will be taken to complete the thesis writing. I will not accept only 'pass', but what i really want to achieve is EXCELLENT..

And the most important thing, Thank You Allah~~

6 April 2010
Examination was ended!

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