Thursday, 1 July 2010

July ?


Today is the first of July 2010. Sigh. Sigh again. My target is unachievable. Of course I'm sad, but I should admit that it's all my mistakes for not giving more concentration and playing too much. I set another target for July, and really hope that the plan will be achieved this time.. aminn~~

Last month, I read so many books. I did share in the previous entry about Quran and Cricket. And now I wanna share a little bit about The Quran and I, written by Anas Zubedy. Actually, this book is his personal story of life. It tells about family and friendship. It emphasizes on the plural society in Malaysia. The important thing is, it discovers the values in the Holy Quran and how to practice it in our daily life. The author is creative. He wrote his own story with humor description, and usually it will begin with big smile and laugh, then it will end with cry. I do appreciate the beautiful life that everyone of us had it even though in a very different situations.. Eventually, I knew why my supervisor ask me to find this book. The author not only promote the happy life in our multi-cultural society, but he experienced it and did well in his life. Now he organised a company called Zubedy Sdn. Bhd. and promotes the unity of Malaysian. Further info can be read HERE.

Another book is a popular novel written by Hamka: "Tenggelamnya Kapal Van der Wick". Yeah, I knew too late about this book, but I believe that 'Better late than Never'. My father said that he read this book on 1949 whereby this book is written by the author on the year of birth of my father, 1939. My mom also said that she read this book before she get married to my dad. Unfortunately, I read this book at 2010 when I'm still young and not married yet..hehe..

Hamka's book is beautiful. Everything is beauty especially the language of love. I really love it. I dont know how to describe it in English, but if in Malay, I could say that: Daku tenggelam di dalam lautan Cinta yang luas terbentang.. However, every story has its difficulties. The love story between Hayati and Zainuddin did not end with happy ending, but they happy to face the reality that they loved each other and will not easily forget their love story. As quoted from the book: "Cinta itu tidak melemahkan, tapi membangkitkan". Yeah, same goes to Love is not blind, but we are the one who get blind because of love. And the dangerous disease of love is EGO or simply selfish. Both of them (Hayati and Zainuddin) were selfish and afraid to face the fact that their love actually can do great without consider the talk of people, wealth, lineage, and any other aspects. I don't like the ending of their love story, but I like how they loved each other until death..

Last month also, I got two new books from Indonesia. Thanks a lot to Rini for bought me those books at Acheh. The price is cheaper than in Malaysia. The first book is Negeri 5 Menara which I read it two month ago, but i wanna buy it for my book collections. The second book is Di Bawah Langitmu, written by Opick and Taufiqurrahman. I like Opick as a singer, then i wanna know his writing by reading his book. I'm not started yet the reading of his book. Maybe end of July, because I have too many books to be read...

In this July, I have to change my reading materials. I have to be serious if I really want to complete my thesis by the end of this year. Now I'm reading these books, borrowed from IIUM Library:
  1. Sunshine at Madinah, by Zakaria Bashier
  2. Muhammad at Medina, by W. Montgomery Watt
  3. Challenges and Choices in Malaysian Politics and Society, by Chandra Muzaffar
Three is enough, because it is not easy to finish them all. I hope Allah make all things easier because He is the one who create the easiness and difficulties at the same time. May Allah forgive all my sins..

**Batuk, Please go away......

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