Sunday, 4 July 2010

Prevention is better than CURE

Once upon a time, there was a conversation between a lovely daughter with her admirable father..

Daughter: Dad, I hate medicine..

Father: Yeah, me too..

Daughter: But.. I saw you eat medicine everyday. Mom will give you a lot of medicine every morning after breakfast..

Father: It was not medicine. It was supplementary food for old people like mom and me. We were old. We need the best food for our body. I wanna know why do you hate medicine so much?

Daughter: Hmmm.. My teacher said that all medicine are full of drug. I can't let the drug enter my body. Besides, the medicine had a bad taste.. I don't like it..

Father: I knew about the drug too. That's why I tried my best to get a healthy body like this. Alhamdulillah, I don't have any bad illness or disease until now. I believe that prevention is better than cure. The prevention is not only a word, but we have to do it well. It means that we have to prevent ourselves from any disease by take care of our health. Only then, you don't have to eat the colourful 'drug' given by the doctor.

Daughter: Yeah, prevention is better than cure.. But, what if Allah still want to give us the illness, even after we prevent ourselves from those illness ?

Father: That was a test from HIM. He wants to test us whether we can be patient from His 'gift' or not. Sometimes, He wants us to feel the feeling of other people who have to bear those tests for the rest of their life.

Daughter: But how about the cure? Do we have to take the medicine? I hate it so much...

Father: Although prevention is better than cure, but we have to find the cure for our illness. We cannot let the illness control ourselves. We have to stop it. We have to love our body, and give them the perfect cure if we are sick. I'm sure you know that "The healthy brain depends on the healthy body" (العقل السليم في الجسم السليم). So, my daughter should have the healthy body to be an intelligent student..

Daughter: Yeah, I knew it. I also knew that every illness or disease has its own cure, except for the death..
كل داء دواء إلا الموت

Father: The Prophet Muhammad said in a hadith: "Take benefit of five before five: Your YOUTH before your OLD AGE, Your HEALTH before your SICKNESS, Your WEALTH before your POVERTY, Your FREE-TIME before you are PREOCCUPIED, & Your LIFE before your DEATH." So please appreciate the health before you get sick, and please take care of your health because health is not something that you can buy at the shopping complex, even the doctor cannot give us the health.

Daughter: So, is it mean that I have to eat medicine if I fall sick?

Father: Yes you are.. Don't be so cruel to yourself especially your body. If you hate so much the medicine given by the doctor, you can find other alternatives. You can eat vitamin. You can replace the medicine with honey. You also can try the traditional way of medicine by previous old people. But the most important one, prevention is better than cure. Take care of your health dear..

Daughter: Thanks Dad.. May Allah always bless you..

"Bila Ubat Batuk Berbicara" can be read HERE

Finally, the daughter decided to buy some medicine for the sickness that she had after a week, because it becomes worst day after day, night after night. She will not forget that her father is the one who always take care of his health. No cold water. No sweet food. No oily food. No spicy food. Exercise every morning. Drink water a lot everyday. After then, NO disease~! And she will remember this conversation each time she falls sick...

**O Allah, You are the one who cures, and there is no cure except from You..

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