Monday, 23 May 2011

What Are You Running For ?


The question above is for myself and the answer also within myself. Lately, I'm thinking too much and the problem is I don't know what am I thinking for. My brain exhausted, followed with my soul and body. I don't know..

Let's start from the most important thing. Thesis. Alhamdulillah, it is done. Now it is in the nad of examiner or known as the second reader. My hope is not only finish everything early, but with success and excellent.

Ok, move to another thing. Work. Alhamdulillah everything is ok, but sometimes I think that I am not ok since a weird case happened to me a month ago. Was that my mistake to have misbehave students? If in that case, I should change the way I am. Besides, I am planning to have more secure work in terms of financial and challenge experience.

Next! Further study. Oh, that's my dream... but I am confuse in making decision. Is it too early to further phD? Am I ready for all the difficulties waiting for me? or Which university is better for me? the most important thing is what should I further in phD.. hmmm...

Next! hmmm...what ek.. Oh yeah, marriage. My mom asked me about that during my break at JB. It is shocking question but I know that she suppose to ask me about that since I am the last daughter and I will be 26 this year. (psst: Am I old?) I spoke honestly to my mom, and hopefully she will understand that I need more time to move the next step in this topic.

What else hmm..? another thing which relate to my personal development. I am testing myself to involve in the conference and article writing. And it needs a lot of time to read, revise, think and write. If I want to success in the future, I should sacrifice all those times to play, fb and blog. opps! I think I need my timetable back....

Next? I think I should top up my good deeds. I should fasting monday-thursday frequently, perform solat on time, spend money in a good way, go to orang asli villages, and many others good actions that I should do to get closer to Allah...... I need His forgiveness and Mercy..

Let's stop here for this moment..

So, am I answer the question?

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