Wednesday, 29 December 2010

Cook & Food

People said, a good woman is the one who can cook delicious food..

People said, a better place for woman is the kitchen, even though how educated she is...

There are numerous opinions and views in the relationship of woman, cooking and food. But in reality, the best chef is man and the one who like to eat food is man more than woman. hehe..

Cooking. Honestly speaking, I'm still learning. I don't want to say that I can't cook but I didn't get used to cook because I stayed in the hostel since secondary school and in the campus of university. So, there was no opportunity to cook my own meal everyday. Some might questioned that why I cannot learn cook at home during school holiday or semester break, maybe because I have 2 sister that helped mom in the kitchen and I prefer to do cleaning home rather than cooking.

However, I don't want to stay at the same place which is unable to cook by my ownself. I wanna change. I want to cook and eat food that I cook. The first important thing is to develop interest in cooking, because I still can feel the difficulties to buy a lot of stuffs before cooking and face the hot oil in the kitchen. arghh..

Then, I should learn from the one who can teach me and expert in cooking. I cannot learn from my mother because she rarely cook and I only go back to home once in a month, but I know a daughter should learn from her own mother. Besides, I can learn cooking from friends or specialists..but who are willingly to teach me..? hehe.. I also can learn from books and websites. In the previous bookfair, I bought a book "Langkah Mudah Memasak" and it was useful for my housemate, I didn't try yet any of recipes from the book.

After learned all those cooking skills, please don't stop. The next step is practice. Cook whatever you know, delicious or not is other thing, but important thing is try my best. But, after I cooked, sometimes I didn't satisfy with the result, but I do appreciate my own effort, and I will keep trying. Oh ya, I have to bear in mind that hard working is the quality that I should have in practicing of cooking..hehehe...

One advice to myself: Jangan cakap tak serupa bikin.. hehehe.. Now, let's cooking..

This is just a sample of image 'steamboat'. I'm still owe my younger brother to treat him steamboat. It's better i f I know to cook it by myself.. Who wanna try if I can cook this meal? hehe..

**Oh no, tomorrow is the last day of 2010..

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  1. xyah gune istilah owe..xpe je sbb aritu mmg hapuskan istilah owe tu sbb hutang tu tersangat bahaya istilahnya :)