Tuesday, 3 July 2012

Magnificent Muslimah Empowered

Bismillahirrahmanirrahim, He is the Most Gracious, the Most Merciful

All praises and thanks to Allah, the Lord of the universe. The Cherisher and Sustainer of the World, Master of the Day of Resurrection. Peace and blessings be upon the last Messenger, Prophet Muhammad sallahu'alaihiwasallam. Alhamdulillah, Alhamdulillah, Alhamdulillah..

First and foremost, thank you Allah for the opportunity of attending an excellent conference, exclusively for women who witness that Allah is the only Lord and Prophet Muhammad is the last Messenger of Allah. Thank you to my husband for his permission which allowed me to enjoy my whole day in the conference in order to seek knowledge, as a supplier to be a good wife and better Muslimah. Thank you sis Munira for being a representative to buy a ticket which is cheaper than others (group ticket). Not forget, thanks to all the speakers (local and international) who shared beneficial knowledge, as well as friends on such valuable day.

30 June 2012 (Saturday)
Organized by Mercy Missions

Honestly speaking, I did not intend to share every single details of information that gathered during that day here, but highlight some of important things only.

 "No prince or knight can save you but God" 

"Dear Muslimah, you are not slave to anybody, you are not slave to fashion, you are not slave to beauty, you are not slave to a man, but you are a slave only to God"

"Your spouse will be the greatest test, a tool for painful process to seek God's bless" 

"Muslimah will love what Allah loves, Muslimah will not expect what others can give, but think what she can give to others"

"WE (Muslimah) does not need to be just like man to be honoured!" 

"The problem begins when we put a gift in  our hearts and Allah in our hands"

"Ask the following questions; What do you think about most? What makes you cry? What makes you most angry? What is the first thing you think in the morning? What is the last thing you think at night? What keeps you up at night? What do you think about in your prayers? Did you answer God? Or something else?"

"If our heart breaks for a wrong reason, and the reason is not for Allah, we should be ASHAMED"

"If you love someone more than your love to Allah, there is problem inside yourself"

"Take lessons on what you see around you"

"In fact, we are made from the same thing with those ladies in Jannah (Khadijah, Aisyah, Fatimah...), but the problem is we make our self, we create our self, and not follow what Allah wants to make us"

"Change is a process, it is not a wish, it is not a dream"
"Change is real, not magical. To change yourself, go back to our original nature which needs change"

"Don't expect others to change themselves if you dont want to change yourself"

"Empower ourselves with knowledge. Knowledgeable Muslimah is smart & beautiful. She doesn't believe in impossible" 

"Hijab is meant to hide your body, and highlight your character, your personality, your strength "

"How can we dont have a goal if Syaitan has so many goals???. Syaitaan is weak, all it can do is just distract you or blur your vision, that's all. Why do we give in?"

"Make mothering a hobby, not a job or a chore"
"Never try to be a perfect mother. Because we are not perfect and will never be perfect"
 "Mothers have natural GPS. But we need to continuously upgrade the system with skills and knowledge"

"People judge results, Allah judge efforts"

"Death awaits us all. And we'll all be asked about Allah's blessings that we wasted"

"Exemplary Muslimah is the one who knows the best for her family, for her children and for herself"

"10 Qualities of Exemplary Muslimah are:
1. Patience
 Eg: A wife of one the Companions who did not not eat the whole night with her children & husband, for giving all the food to honour the guest. A verse was revealed because of their action [See Surah al-Hashr, verse 9]

2. Donate to others

3. Pious
Eg: Wife of Haitham

4. Tawakkul
Eg: Wife of Hashimi

5. Holding into Islam & never let it go
Eg: Hawa, wife of Qays who being abused by his husband.

6. Eagerness of looking after her children
Eg: Umm Sulaym, wife of Malik, mother of Anas bin Malik.

7. Marriage for the sake of Islam, not for wealth.
Eg: Asma bint Abu Bakr, wife of Zubayr ibn 'Awwam. Their mahr of marriage is a metal ring only.

8. Manners and respect to the husband
Eg: Asma, wife of Sa'id ibn Musayyab

9. Eternal love for husband
Eg: Umm darda', wife of Abu darda'. She promised to not marry again after her husband passed away even though received to many proposal. She wanted to be the queen for her husband in Jannah

10.Call to the path of Allah
Eg: Umm Shurayk who firms in her Imaan even abused by Quraysh by being tied at a tree in a very hot season, for 12 days."

InsyaAllah, I will continue my sharing in the next entry.

**Reminder to myself, Knowledge must come with action.


  1. This are inspiring words from you dear Saadah. Words and praises which shows the beautiful traits and cultures of a muslimah. I'll surely be waiting for your next entry, where I could learn the beauty and customs of your country.

  2. Thank you very much sis Leonde. May Allah bless those who are endlessly seeking knowledge and His pleasure :) InsyaAllah i'll write my next entry sooner or later.