Monday, 30 August 2010

Small Reunion

30 August 2010, 20 Ramadan 1431H

A small reunion was held in order to strengthen our Ukhuwwah and maintain the close relationship among four of us, as well as to rewind back our past unforgettable memories during undergraduate at IIUM. Honestly, we were happy. It was too difficult to gather back four of us since we already proceed our own different ways after graduate.

Alhamdulillah, Mun, Timah and I went to break fasting at a Restaurant area Taman Melati, sadly, Fizah still on her way from Kajang to Gombak. She had her simple iftar in LRT, pity you my dear friend.. After Maghrib prayer, we fetched Fizah and accompanied her to take her dinner. Then, we went to IIUM Mosque to have congregational Isyak prayer and Terawih prayer.

I love the moment that we can laugh happily and share our stories. I like when Timah said, "Ya Allah....rindunya kat UIA. Rindu nak tengok muka lelaki2 soleh di UIA." haha... And four of us always flashed back our innocent memories past years... I miss that... Timah again well said: "Jom jadikan ini aktiviti tahunan untuk berkumpul setiap Ramadan..". Speechless! But I do happy....

It was the blessing of Ramadan that we can gather back like this. It was the nikmah from Allah that we had this simple unforgettable small reunion. It was the sweetness of Ukhuwwah that maintain our friendship until nowadays. Ya Allah please bind our friendship for the sake of YOU..

Thank You Munirah..
Thank You Fatimah..
Thank You Hafizah..
and not forget Thank You Kak Syam..

Thank You ALLAH!

Saadah Khair
Batu 8 Gombak (Mun's house)

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