Tuesday, 24 August 2010

A Blessed Birthday!

24th August.

New age. The increasing of this new age should be accompanied by the increasing of Iman, Knowledge and Deeds. Alhamdulillah ya Allah for giving me the opportunity to continue this life and let me breath peacefully in this world. Thank you Allah!

Thank you mom for having a great and difficult time to give a birth to a daughter like me, and patiently educated me since that date until now..

Thank you dad for delivering azan right away after I born, and really thankful to you for everything that you taught me the beauty and the difficulty of life..

Thank you to all my siblings for having a great time together since my childhood, and still understand and accept my real character at home..

Thank you generally to all friends, and especially close friends for accepting a friend like me, and stay keep in touch even though I am not a real good friend but try to be good to everyone..

Really appreciate all the wishes, the du'a, the hopes, and the thoughts from all of you during my special day, either directly or indirectly. I received over 100 wishes at my FB yesterday, and many telephone calls from family and friends. It was a great honour to remember my birthday. I just feel wanna to cry yesterday, but I bear it and just express the feeling of happiness to everyone.. May Allah bless all of them and shower them with a great love and blessing~!

Special thanks to a friend who accompany my at the night of my birthday, even though just through a medium of technology, but I really appreciate that.. May Allah always bless you and give happiness throughout your life..

The blessed birthday of this year really make me happy due to some reasons. Firstly, it was in the month of Ramadan, and I do hope that I can do better than last Ramadan, hopefully this is not my last Ramadan. Secondly, it was celebrated in a very simple celebration, and I love to be a simple person. Thirdly, I realize that my presence and existence among my friends is good enough, and I really hope that all of my friends now will still be my friends in the future. Once friend is friend forever..

Actually, I have a lots of dream for this birhday, but I will not mention it here. But I do hope that all my dreams can be achieved by my hard efforts and the rest will be decided by Allah..

**Happy Birthday to myself~! Be Happy~!

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