Friday, 20 August 2010

"Imtihan" in Ramadan

First Imtihan: Health Condition

I wish that I will not face any health problem in this Ramadan, but who knows that Allah want to give a test as His mercy and love. I got flu and cough. I am not easily infected by virus, but once I got it, it will not easily getting well. In addition to that, I hate to take any medicine, and that is my problem. By the way, I try to control myself for not only use all the time in Ramadan to rest, but feel grateful that the sickness is His Mercy for me, Allah knows all the Hikmah behind this. May Allah grant me a good health for me to perform Ibadah in this Holy Ramadan..

Second Imtihan: Student's Manner

It had been more than a month I'm working at IIC. Of course I learned a lot of things. There are also difficulties and easiness. But the problem is how to deal with all the students. Due to my less experience, I have to mentally prepare the unexpected things to be happened in my classes. And I really need Sabr (Patience) comes together with Ikhlas (Sincerity) during my lecture and convey the important message for each subjects to my students. May Allah help me to use Maw'izah (lesson) and Hikmah (wisdom) with all my students..

Third Imtihan: Jihad an-Nafs

Rasulullah said that all syaitan will be chained for the whole days of Ramadan, but the biggest problem is our own Nafs, especially in performing Ibadah whether Ibadah Wajib, Sunat, or Mubah. I'm sure that everyone of us want to improve the Ibadah Level during this Ramadan, and I'm sure also that some of us succeed and some failed to do that, or succeed in the beginning and failed in the middle of Ramadan. Jihad an-Nafs is the biggest Jihad for a Muslim. May Allah make our faith stronger and never give up to perform our best in this Ramadan..

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Fourth Imtihan: Tadarus and Tadabbur al-Quran

For this semester, I was given a responsibility to teach 5 subjects and 3 of them related to the al-Quran (even though I'm specialize in Hadith), and that was a real challenge for me. So, for each class, I asked them to try khatam al-Quran even once for this special Ramadan, and for those who able to do that, I will give a bonus mark. At the same time, I don't want they just read without understand the content of the Quran, and that is my responsibility to give a good explanation for each subject in order to make them realize the importance of Tadabbur al-Quran, not only Tadarus and Qira'ah al-Quran. Actually, this is also a motivation to myself. May Allah light all of us with the blessing of al-Quran...

**Imtihan mentioned in this entry refers to the Test of Allah, not an examination paper..

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