Thursday, 19 August 2010

A silent friend

Actually, I have another thing to share in this blog for this week, but something was happened, and I think that I wanna change the topic. Today, it was enough a week that my grandfather passed away. May Allah bless him. Allahummahfirlahuwarhamhu... AL-Fatihah..

But that is not the issue for this entry. In the same context, one of my silent friend passed away this morning. I don't care if you wanna say that I am childish and silly, but I do sad because of the losing this silent friend. Although he is not my best friend, but I do appreciate him for accompanying me along these years especially during my postgraduate study.

Thank You friend for the silence that make my heart ponder of you. I'm grateful that you can't speak but still stay by my side..

Thank You friend for the loyalty that you show when I stayed up late at night..

Thank You friend for the happiness that you cannot express when I make a useful benefit of you..

Thank You friend for the sharing that reduce my thirsty, and maintain my health indirectly..

Thank You friend for the courageous and the spirit that sometimes motivated me..

Thank You.. even though you are just only a black, big, and ugly mug.. The colour of black was specifically chosen for you due to some reasons. I really love black mug. I don't know why, but it will give me satisfaction while drinking any water.. Especially coffee..

And I apologize too because not able to stay by your side until the end. You went away without my presence and someone told me late and not informed me early.. I'm sorry friend.. I'm regret for not able to see you for the last time...

I know myself better than others. Sometimes I like to stay alone, that's why I'm really appreciate everything around me and accompany me all the time, even it is a little thing for you but it might be big and important thing for me. Yes you can call me weird and odd, but these kind of silent friends should be appreciated similar to appreciate human being as your friend, and sometimes they are much more better and understandable than a real breath human friend.. but pity, they can't speak...

And even now, I'm really sad because all his pictures was not found in my new lappy, there are a lot of memories with him saved in the my lappy at home...waaa... I miss my black mug.. Then, I cannot share his picture here... :(

**Waiting for new black mug, anyone wanna give me that? I'm really appreciate it.. ^_^

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