Tuesday, 31 August 2010

Books In August

Holy Quran
(Photo: My personal al-Quran)

I love to read books, but special for this Ramadan, I wanna spend my time to read this Holy Book more than any other books. Alhamdulillah that I think I can achieve my target to Katam al-Quran for this Ramadan, InsyaAllah. I asked my students to do that, so, I have to do the same thing, or should do better more than them. And as Allah said: Ramadhan is the (month) in which was sent down the Qur'an, as a guide to mankind, also clear (Signs) for guidance and judgment (Between right and wrong). [2:185], So, there are no acceptable reason to say that you have no time to read Quran, especially in the month of Ramadan..

Oh yah.. The Holy Quran is not to be read only in August or Ramadan, but tor the whole time of our life~!

Life is an Open Secret: Ramadan Special
Zabrina A. Bakar

Actually I read this book for the second time especially for the month of Ramadan. I really want to always remind myself that I am have to take care of my actions during this month and Istiqamah in the next coming months. This small book also gave me idea to tell some stories during my lecture in my classes. Fortunately, the author also was experienced working at IIC as well.

This book carries 25 motivational and inspirational stories specifically tailored for the month of Ramadan when Muslims worldwide are required t
o observe the act of fasting from dawn until sunset for a period of one month. This special month brings along with it many benefits and blessings that are sometimes forgotten. Thus, the stories in this book serve as a reminder as to what Ramadan is truly about. All stories are written in a simple, chatty, humorous and witty way that promises to touch your heart, tease your mind, soothe your soul and make you reflect along the way. Please click HERE to read this book online..

Kabul Beauty School: An American Women Goes Behind the Veil
Deborah Rodriguiz

I bought this book long time ago, but just had opportunity to finish it in the beginning of August even it took more than 2 months to finish my reading of this book. Anyway, I myself appreciate all the efforts done by the writer as a main role in this book which is based on a true story. She tried hard to protect the woman's rights in Kabul, Afghanistan in her own ways. The beauty school was only a trademark, but she did more than that. It was all about friendship and freedom, as well as sincerity which can never be explained.. The story of Afghanistan always catch my eyes since I read two books written by Khalid Hosseini.

Yathrib Qabla al-Islam, Dr. Muhammad Sayyid al-Wakil
Tarikh Shamil li al-Madinah al-Munawwarah, Dr. Abd al-Basit Badr

This two books are two main references when I'm writing the topic of Yathrib in my thesis. Yathrib is the old name of Madinah al-Munawwarah. The history of this city was not well mentioned in websites or English article. So, I have to refer to the Arabic History Kitab to know more information about this city. The story about Yathrib can be categorized to some important aspects, which are in term of belief system, political system, economic system, social system including its diverse population. I'm not finish yet in reading these two books, I put my best efforts to translate the Arabic explanation to English understanding in my Chapter 3 of thesis. Hopefully this chapter will be end in the middle of September which supposedly to be ended in August, but I failed to do that.. :(

Aquilla Asia (Issue July/Aug 2010)

This is not a book, but an international magazine focusing on the Muslimah Issues around Asia. I introduce this magazine here due to a reason that my short writing and picture was published for the issue of July/August 2010 under the topic of "Ramadan Around the World". Yes, it was just a small writing in a corner of two pages, but I was really happy, because I can make it as a motivation to write more and more in another magazine, article, or journal. The purpose of writing is not to show off, but I wanna share the knowledge and experience to other. Prophet SAW said: Balighu 'anni walau aayah...

**I hope I can manage my time efficiently for today as the last day of August and Holiday for the Independence Day of Malaysia..

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