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Public Lecture: Syeikh Ramadan al-Bouti

Alhamdulillah. It was a great pleasure to attend a lecture delivered by a great Muslim Scholar. I know about his coming to Malaysia through Facebook and try to search another information of his lecture during his short period of time in Malaysia. Fortunately, my students willingly to give an accurate information about his lecture at IKIM, 10am - 12pm on 30 November 2010. Alhamdulillah, I asked them to go together with me to IKIM and arrived safely there even though we were a little bit late.

The title of this Public Lecture is "Application of Fiqh Sirah in Contemporray Issues". The moderator of this lecture is YB Ir. Dr. Muhammad Fuad Abdullah and he translated every explanation of Syeikh in Arabic to Malay Language.

Ok, this entry will be divided into three parts; 1. Short Biography of Sheikh Ramadan al-Bouti, 2. Short Content of his famous book "Fiqh Sirah al-Nabawiyyah", 3. Short Sharing of his Public Lecture.

Short Biography of Sheikh Ramadan al-Bouti

  • Born in 1929 in the village of Jilka, which belongs to the island of “Butan”, i.e. Ibn ‘Umar, situating inside the Turkish boundaries, north of Iraq. He immigrated to Damascus with his late father, Mulla Ramadan when he was four years old.
  • Completed his legal secondary study in the Institute of Islamic Guidance in Damascus, and joined the faculty of religion at Al-Azhar University. He acquired ‘The International’ Certificate there in 1955. Next year, he joined the faculty of Arabic at Al-Azhar, too and acquired education Diploma at the end of the same year.
  • Appointed as dean in the faculty of religion at Damascus University in 1960, and deputed to Al-Azhar University to attain doctorate in the roots of the Islamic law. He could acquire the relevant certificate in 1965.
  • Appointed as instructor in the college of law of Damascus University in 1965, as a deputy of the college later on and as its dean then as a the chief of the Department of tenets and religions at Damascus University.
  • Participated, and is still participating, in many global conferences and symposia, and is, in addition, a member in the royal society of the Islamic Civilization Researches in Amman, and member in the higher board of Oxford academy.
  • Wrote no less than forty books on the sciences of religion, literature, philosophy and sociology, the problems of civilization and others.
>> More info about him can be read HERE.

Short Content of his famous book "Fiqh Sirah al-Nabawiyyah"

  • The importance of Sirah in Islam and how to make Sirah practicable in contemporary's life
  • The methodology in study the life of the Prophet
  • Biography of Prophet Muhammad PBUH since his birth until his death.
  • Wisdom and Lessons (دروس وعبىر) in every topic especially in historical events of Prophet Muhammad PBUH.
  • The leadership of Khulafa' al-Rasyidun after the death of the Prophet.

>> Fiqh Sirah can be downloaded HERE and HERE
*His book was regularly used during my undergraduate study.

Short Sharing of his Public Lecture.

  • He encouraged to read the book of Sirah during leisure time and it should be read collectively not individually to study and analyze the Prophet's teaching and his life, as it will benefit everybody.
  • The application of Sirah in our life especially in today's life needs a big Jihad.
  • Sirah should be implemented both internally and externally through universal way in all aspects of life.
  • During the time of Khulafa' al-Rasyidun, they use Sirah of the Prophet as their main reference in every matters, but it doesn't show that they Ma'sum like the Prophet. They might did wrong action. Alla of us made wrong too. We are not perfect, but at least we practice what taught by our Prophet.
  • Sirah is the soul of Islamic knowledge and it never change no matter what happens.
>> To see the interview with him in Youtube, please click HERE.

**Time running too fast. December is coming~~!

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