Sunday, 6 March 2011

Communicate with Books

Many people said that 'Book is the best friend ever, and it is the most patient listener", but the question is how we are talking and communicating with books if we consider them as our friends..

Actually, last two weeks, I wanna make my lecture interesting with my students. So, I asked them to go to the library instead of sitting in the class and listening to my lecture. I gave an order for them to find any books related to Da'wah Islamiyyah as many as possible in that library, even though IIC library is too small compared to IIUM library. While waiting their findings, I am hoping that they are not just looking for the books to complete the tasks, but I am giving them an opportunity to communicate with books...

"Miss, how we gonna communicate with them? they can't speak and maybe they can't listen too," asked one of my students.

"Yes, they don't have mouth to speak, and no ears to listen. But they speak through their words, and they listen through their papers. Communication is not only delivered verbally, but also non-verbal communication. Similar like human, they also communicate through their actions not only by their speech.."

That activity did not end only in IIC Library, but I invited them to go to IIUM Library too, with the same task. Alhamdulillah, they have done it nicely and hopefully they can benefit from this kind of learning process outside the class. Indirectly speaking, I want my students were given opportunity to communicate with books and develop their loves in reading, because reading is a bridge to gain knowledge..

During my childhood, I always imagine that books can speak and sing, they also can persuade me if I'm crying. I wrote a short story about this based on my imagination and gratefully, won that competition. There is nothing important in that simple story but sometimes I feel that I want it becomes true. If it is a true story, maybe it might shocking everyone especially book lovers..hehe..

Communication with books is a process to understand its content, and indirect chatting with the author. But sometimes, it is not enough to read the content of the book because some books need clear and precise explanation by the teacher, especially if it has heavy contains, and to avoid misunderstanding..

Stephen R. Covey said in his book 'The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People', page 60: "Book is not something to read once and put on a shelf, it is designed to be a companion in the continual process of change and growth". As an appreciation to books, let them be our companions and develop our loves to them by frequent communicating with them. They also have feelings like a human being, in which if we love someone, we always want to keep communicating with them..

Book Lover..

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