Tuesday, 22 March 2011

'Girang' Day

20 Mac 2011 is a date that should not be forgotten. This was my fourth participation (please refer HERE, HERE and HERE for my previous participation) in supporting the culture of reading among the Malaysians. Although it refers to LRT, but this 'cool' culture is not only refer to that particular public transportation, but reading can be done everywhere~!

As previous programmes, there will be no ribbon cutting, no protocol, no special ceremony, even though there are special person, acknowledged participants, and respected book readers joined on that day. We gathered at Terminal Putra around 10.15 am. This time, at first I planned to go alone because I'm sure that I will meet many new friends there, but I also invited my friends to join us. Luckily, one of my friends, she also my colleague at IIC, want to join and will bring her 3 children, moreover after this she will move to Kedah and work there. So, it will be her last time to use LRT before she moved to Northern state.

Liza and her two sons and one daughter.

As usual too, we just focus in reading like nothing happened. Read and read without wasting our time. I brought a special book 'Risalah untuk Kaum Muslimin' written by Syed Naquib al-Attas, and it is a serious book that should be read by Muslims.

What make me happy is I met new friends and they were book lovers like me too. Hope that this friendship is not for one day, but will keep in touch after this. Sharing from my new friends can be read HERE and HERE.

Memory 20 March 2011 (Photo credit to Huzaifah Ahmad)

This 'Girang' Day has a very special person that importantly to be acknowledged for his effort in establishing the first Booktown Movement. He is a Welsh bookseller, known for his contribution to the success of Hay-on-Wye as a centre for second-hand bookselling. He is also the self-proclaimed "King of Hay". Read more HERE. Please click HERE as well to see his book shop online. It was a great pleasure that he spent a day with all of us that morning. And a reason that I impressed with him is that he is a year older than my father and he is still strong enough in supporting people to read..

King Richard Booth

During interview session with him, I had opportunity to ask some questions to his stepdaughter. I asked her: "May I ask a silly question? Is he a real King?". "In UK, it is free for anyone to declare himself as a King, by establishing his own kingdom and follow certain rules as a King," she answered with a very nice smiling. Really?? Impressive. If in that case, I wanna be a King too..lalala~~

There was also special guest from International Booktown Organization in Malaysia. Now, all of us know that there are booktown in Langkawi and Malacca. Interesting~! It is better if there will be a booktown in KL too..

Heaven for book readers

Destination for that day is Bookxcess at Amcorp Mall. A book heaven..huhu. But unfortunately I didn't have more budget to spend in buying books on that day because I spent around RM100 to buy books last two weeks, and there were many books that have not read yet. But I wanna go shopping at Bookxcess next week InsyaAllah, wanna join me? :)

Last but not least, Chinese proverb says "A book is like a garden carried in the pocket". So, bring a book is not enough, but read that book will create a real garden around us. Bring book every time, read book everywhere.

Now, let's read.. ^_^

Video klip khas BACA@LRT yang telah berlangsung pada 20 Mac 2011 dengan kerjasama PTS, GPTD, PKPIM dan Team GKKI.


  1. Ok, u make me feel proud of u kak! Mantap!

  2. salam sister
    teringat saya waktu first baca@LRT last year..best..waktu tu ramai tercangang dlm LRT..nampak pelik..hehe..wish i could be there again..