Tuesday, 1 March 2011

A Taste of Death

Allah said in Surah ali-Imran: "Every soul shall have a taste of death". [3: 185]
Death is confirm. When it will happen?? Only Allah knows....

Last Sunday (27 Feb 2011), I received a sad news that my uncle passed away in Singapore. He was sick before my grandfather passed away, staying in the same house with Arwah. The last moment ziarah to his house was during Eid. But I heard a news that he had some improvements because he was comma and stayed on his bed only. Only Allah knows the best for him..

Today, 1st March 2011, another sad news... I received an SMS from my younger brother this morning before my lecture session. I can't say anything but it was so sudden... Only two days passed, another death came again. Yeah, "Izrail" is doing his job following Allah's order... It was my uncle too. He was sick before this and had an heart operation. According to my brother's story, he fainted at the same day that my uncle passed away last Sunday and warded in the hospital. And today, Allah called him to meet him personally.. Allah knows...

The thing that make me sad is both of them have children around my age. They are my cousin. Most of them are staying in Singapore. All funeral session will be the Muslim Singapore graveyard. I'm here and can send my prayer far away.. What make me so sad is the disappearance of a person that we love most.. May Allah give them a great patience to face new coming days..

Surely we belong to Allah and to Hi shall we return. May Allah have mercy on their souls, forgive their sins, and grant them a place in Jannatul Firdaus and join them with the Muttaqin. Ameen..

**I'm afraid of losing my beloved father.... T___T

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