Tuesday, 6 March 2012

Productive Muslim #1

In the name of Allah, the Most Gracious, the Most Merciful

It's been a bit late to share some important input from the seminar that I attended on 25 and 26 February 2012, at Main Hall, KICT, IIUM. So, here is the first entry to share the knowledge in order to be a Productive Muslim. I will gradually share from time to time, insyaAllah..

Let's know what is Productivity?

Productivity = FOCUS + ENERGY

BUT, Focus and Energy only is not enough, which means that both must be used towards a beneficial goals and towards maximising rewards in the Herafter.

To be productive, a Muslim must begin with a sincere intention. That intention must followed by action and please do not worry about the outcome, because good intention and good action will produce good result.

So, the second formula: Sincere Intention + Work Hard = Islamic Productivity

Why is it important for Muslim to be Productive?

One of the important reasons is because the Prophet PBUH is a Productive Muslim! If we wanna follow his Sunnah and make him our role model, let's be productive too. It is not difficult to be productive for those who really want to be succeed in their life. Productivity will help a lots to achieve success. It also makes our life meaningful and appreciate it more for choosing to be productive..

Third Formula: Knowledge + Action + Consistency = Productivity

To understand this formula, a chapter in the Quran explained everything about it. The verse 3 of Surah al-'Asr tells about the knowledge of the believers. They know that Allah is the only One to be worshipped and to believe in. When they know, they take action to do good deeds. Not only that, they consistently advice and remind others about the truth as well as the patience.

However, consistency is not easy as we think. Consistency or istiqamah is an action that we do regularly even though it is a very small deed. The only key to be consistent in our life is DISCIPLINE, which is very difficult to follow in our life.

Islam actually is a religion of discipline. One clear example describe that Islam asks Muslim to be discipline, that is Solat (five time daily prayer). Discipline of a Muslim must be divided into Personal Discipline and Spiritual Submission.

A formula to be Discipline = Higher Purpose + Constant Practice + Self-Accountability

Please READ more about the Productivity Triangle HERE

To be Productive, we also must alert with some misconception or misunderstanding about productivity.
  • Being busy is not being productive! Because sometimes we always busy for nothing. Lets now doing the right ting at the right time :)
  • Being productive does not mean that no fun, no friends, no facebook, no TV, no laptop. But when we able to manage all of that wisely, we are productive!

Last formula in this entry:

Spiritual Strength + Physical Vitality + Social Responsibility = Productive Muslim Lifestyle

See you next entry ^_^

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