Wednesday, 7 March 2012


In the Name of Allah, The Most Forgiven

May Allah grant the best health and His blessing to all of us today.. January and February left us with smile. March is flowing with another matter which I hope it will run smoothly insyaAllah.

Counting days to further study is similar busy as preparing to be a bride for my Walimah. It will be 79 days left from today's date. When books and journals must be read to find the best topic for research proposal, money and planning are crucially needed for a wedding. Although it is planned to be the simple one as encouraged in the Prophetic Tradition, yet must respect the honour of parents and culture.

Counting the days does not simply indicate that I did not patiently wait that day will come closer and closer, but it shows that how short time it is. 

Counting the days urges me to change myself to be better and better not for my own sake, but for searching the blessing in happiness of new responsibility, of course because of Allah.

Counting the days teach me to manage the time and arrange which is the most important, more important, less important and not important at all.

Counting the days helps me to prepare myself before enter the new wed-life and prepare to end the enjoyment of single life.

Counting the days actually scare me a lotsssss~

79 is not only a number of days left for our Big Day, but it carries a unique feeling and brings back to the beginning of everything.

Why Seven? It is my favourite. It is my number of house (77). Most importantly, it is one of the numbers mentioned in the Quran and Hadith. It is an awesome number.

The number seven has a great presence in our life and worship, because the heavens are seven, the colors are seven, the days are seven, the orbits in the atom are seven, we turn around the Ka'bahh seven times, we run between Safa and Marwa seven times, we stone Lucifer seven times, we are commanded by seven commands, we are forbidden to commit seven sins, the greatest sins that directly lead to Hell are seven, there are seven kind of people Allah will put them under His shade on the Day of Judgment, and so many other countless things. Read more HERE.

Why Nine? Please ask my fiancee ^__^

And why Seventy Nine? It is our secret~

Further meaning of Number 79 can be read HERE...

I pray that the days that left will be used for goodness and happiness. I wish all the best for myself to do the best in everything.

May Allah make everything easy and bless all of our chosen path..

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