Thursday, 19 July 2012

Ahlan Ya Ramadan~!


Are you ready??

It is less than 48 hours to meet the greatest month ever. Don't be so sure that you are able to enjoy this month of forgiveness because death will not be early or late even one second.

O Allah, please give my family members, friends and myself an opportunity to seek Your Forgiveness and enjoy Your Bounty in this coming Ramadan!

Actually, I want to share something in today's entry.

InsyaAllah it will be a good reminder for me myself and others too. Check out this awesome Ramadan Checklist, print, stick it & get benefit from it.

The reason is simple. Do you want to waste a second in this coming Ramadan like you did in the previous Ramadan? Do you want to repeat the same mistake as you did in the previous Ramadan? Do you think that you did your best in the past Ramadan and assume that you able to finish this Ramadan completely and perfectly?? Read THIS on how to make this coming Ramadan as the best Ramadan ever..

Lets do our best..

I will do my best, especially when this coming Ramadan is the first Ramadan that I will celebrate with my beloved husband ^^

The checklist is only a platform. You can edit it by your own. I will do it too.

Thanks for the one who prepared this excellent checklist. Photocopy it four copies, since we have 4 weeks in this Ramadan insyaAllah.

Download now!

Mirror 1 - Slide Share
Mirror 2 - PDF Archive
Mirror 3 - PDF Host

Insha’Allaah we will all have a successful Ramadan filled with mercy, forgiveness, and nearness to Allah.

May Allah allow us to benefit from this holy Ramadan and have our fasts and prayers accepted!


Saadah Khair
29 Sha'ban 1432

**Prof Tariq advices that Ramadan is a month to "EAT LESS, THINK MORE".

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