Friday, 8 October 2010



Try to guess who is MZ behind this title...
There are two persons that I can make their names as simple as MZ. Let's know who are they.

First MZ: Maher Zain

He is a great Swedish singer and music producer of Lebanese origin [more, read HERE]. I can say that he is great because many of his song introduced the beauty of Islam, spread the message in Qur'an and Sunnah, and related to the humanity aspect. The messages of his songs reached to the ear and heart of listener due to nice music and his good looking as well. I downloaded all his songs and always listen to them again and again, it never make me bored.

In the beginning of October, MZ came to Malaysia and make a special performance yesterday (06102010). He was fantastic. The biggest hall of IIUM was full loaded to his fans included students, alumni, lecturers, staffs, and outsiders. I also took this opportunity to buy the ticket [only RM20], because it was so cheap to see the performance of International singer, and it is a chance because we didn't know that he might again or not to Malaysia.

However, I have a little bit disappointed with the 'Meet with fans' session at the evening. I will never go again to any kind of that session in the future, and I did regret when I went there yesterday. May Allah forgive all of us.

He only performed two songs [InsyaAllah & Barakallah], but it was great. I took a video but it will take too much of time to upload it here, so, you can see at Youtube [click HERE]

Second MZ: Muhammad Zikri

He is my only younger brother. We are so close, since the different ages between us was only one year. He is not only my 'adik', but my 'abang', my friend, my enemy, my victim, my adviser, and I do love him. Why I mentioned about him here? Because he is the one who introduced to me about the previous MZ; Maher Zain. hehe..

Actually, I have my own purpose to tell the story about him. I never did it before. As an appreciation to him, this entry was written special for him. I really appreciate his presence, because I can't imagine if I am the youngest children in my family. He helped me a lot and I can say as well that I helped him a lot too. We always helping each other. However, I don't really like if we were so good to each other, so I like to quarrel with him, but it will take only for a while. That's the way that make we even closer and appreciate each other.

Alhamdulillah he just graduated from Kuliyyah Qiraat Shubra, Egypt before Eid, and InsyaAllah will further his study at Tanta University, Cairo. He will go back there maybe at the end of this month because his class already started. I know that he is cleverer and more intelligent than me, and I'm sure that he can do his best for more four years in abroad country. May Allah bless his journey of life and all his dreams come true..

I hope that he will always be my brother forever. I don't want he to be my good brother, but it is important for me to be a good sister.

**Dedicate a song "Always be there" by Maher Zain to Muhammad Zikri.

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