Tuesday, 19 October 2010

Busy as Bees

Alhamdulillah, I can breath again in front of my lappy.. :)

Actually we all breath in and out everyday, but sometimes we will have a specific day that we can breath freely and feel a relief.. Like I do now, writing an entry in my blog shows that I take a breath easily which means that I'm a little bit free, where I try to find my free time to write something here..

Last weekend I went back to my home at JB, because my mom told me to do that..hehe.. Actually I'm very busy during that time, but I don't want to break my mom's heart and fulfilled her wish to go back to JB. Alhamdulillah everything was ok, and I found something interesting during my two-days at home. It is about the meaningful definition of HOME.

Home and House are totally different even though they might carry similar understanding. A House is made of walls, bricks and stones, a Home is built with love and happiness, but a house can be a Home when it shelters the body and comforts the soul. Do you see the differences? Hmm.. Thanks to my parents for building a home for my family, even though my house is not big, but I can feel that our Home is big and bigger in our hearts..

Regarding to the title of this entry, "Busy as bees". It is just a parable of sentence, because bee is an animal that always busy and never feel tired and boring of their works and responsibilities. Yes, I'm busy but I'm not a busybody.. :)

Actually, being a busy person, it will make us better in time management. I involved to be a busy student since my undergraduate and it really helped me a lot to manage time wisely. I can't imagine if I'm not busy and freely do everything that I want, but at the end, I just do nothing.. That's why I prefer to be busy..

And I'm sure if I say that I am busy, there are a lot of people outside there are busier than me. I'm grateful to Allah, although that I'm busy, but I still have time to spend with HIM during my prayer, I still have time to keep in touch with my family and friends because I appreciate all of them, and I still have time to myself. Alhamdulillah ya Allah...

Allah emphasized the importance of the time in Surah al-'Asr, He said: "By (the Token of) Time, Verily Man is in loss, Except such as have Faith, and do righteous deeds, and (join together) in the mutual teaching of Truth, and of Patience and Constancy."

The Prophet said in a hadith: "" الوقت كالسيف إن لم تقطعه قطعك
"The time is like a sword, if you not cut the time, it will cut you"

I do appreciate every second, minute and hour in my busy days. I hope that my busy days will improve myself to be better in the future. And I'm still in the process of learning, so, I can take any example from my family or friends who are more busy than me, and take it as motivation to myself..

"The busy bee has no time for sorrow" -William Blake

"Life is what happens to you while you're busy making other plans" - John Lennon

"Success usually comes to those who are too busy to be looking for it" -Henry David Thoreau

"We may be very busy, we may be very efficient, but we will also be truly effective only when we begin with the end in mind" - Stephen R. Covey

**Congratulation to my cousin from Singapore, Ummi Salamah who will further study in Syria on 1st November, and not forget to my younger brother, M. Zikri, who will continue his higher study in Egypt this Saturday, 23rd Oct. Allahumma yassir~~

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