Monday, 25 October 2010

Books on Malaysian History

Phew.. History is the most difficult subject for me. I love to read Islamic History, but Malaysian History is too hard for me even though I am Malaysian. Maybe that's why, Malaysian government took a step to make the subject of History in SPM as the compulsory subject to be scored like BM. That was a very good idea for younger generation. Thanks God that it's not decided earlier for my generation..hehe..

As mentioned before, I'm in the progress of writing Chapter 4 of my thesis. It's all about Malaysia, especially in the context of the integration of society. So, I have to read a lots on Malaysian History. It really make me difficult to breath.......

Ok, let's see what should I read. This entry is my motivation to read again and again. Please never feel bored on Malaysian History..

The first book is The Struggle for Malaysian Independence by J.J. Raj. This book will help to understand all events which lead to the Day of Independence on 31st August 1957. There were many historical events to be focused on since I try to discover the history of Malaysian Society.

The second book is A History of Malaysia by Barbara Watson Andaya and Leonard Y. Andaya. This book is thick and contain a lots of information. But i really make me easily bored.. Argh! I'm trying my best to read and focus on the topic of British Colonialism from this book.

The third book is Speaking Out Loud for National Unity by Collin Abraham. It is the latest one compare to two books listed above. So, it discusses about Malaysia in our present days. The author also picks up the contemporary issues in his book. It make me easier to read. That's why I'm willingly to buy this book at MPH, while the rest of other books were borrowed from the library only.

Actually, three books were not enough. There are many books arranged besides me now, but I try my best to focus on these three books first. Please do suggest any books that you know to help me easily understand and use it for my thesis writing. Any suggestions and opinions are highly appreciated..

Thank You.

**Proud to be Muslim more than to be Malaysian..

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