Tuesday, 21 December 2010

10 more days


Ya Allah, I feel so great today for being able to use my finger to write something here in this blog. Alhamdulillah that Allah gave me the opportunity to live and take a deep breath for today. Alhamdulillah.. Honestly, right now I just wanna cry because I'm soo happy, but big girl don't cry... so, let's smile.. :)

Actually, I've been so rushing go here and there, since last weeks. I tried to find free time to spend in writing blog, but there were some things that more important than spending time to blogging, which is writing my thesis. I'm so relieved today for completing the working paper and abstract for the special seminar for PG IRK Students on 27-29 Dec 2010. Yeah, I'm so nervous because it will be my first time presenting my own paper relating to my thesis, but I'm sure it will be such a great experience.

Lately, my feeling towards lecturing and teaching at IIC has been in positive mode. I love my students, and I'm sure that they like me too, because I treated them like my own friends. However, I still have to manage my time wisely in completing my thesis. So, I feel so tired because the day is focusing in teaching and the night is focusing on thesis writing.. But, I'm happy to do that.

10 more days~! Yeah, 1o more days to reach a new year. Some of my targets are not accomplished yet. I plan to finish my MA by 2010, but Allah's plan is greater. Allah knows my ability. He knows my strength and weaknesses, and I do hope that there is no regret for not finishing MA by this year. Even so, I still have 10 more days to struggle my best. Allah knows~~

10 more days, there will be a new age, new target, new mission. Before I end 2010, I wanna make this year as happy as myself. I wanna end it with gratitude to Allah for His mercy and love for this year, yet, I wanna begin 2011 with new spirit and move towards the betterment.

10 more days...

Saadah Khair
21 December 2010

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