Tuesday, 1 June 2010

YOUNG before OLD

As i planned with Moon, we went to the biggest festival for Youth at PWTC on 29 May 2010. We registered at the website to get the free pass rather than pay RM5 for each day or RM20 for 3 days. And i'm happy to spend the whole day with Moon because it's been a long time we didn't spend time together. Love you Moon~

We participated in crossword puzzle and won a present~!

Actually, there are nothing to be shared here about the Youth Festival, it's just a good kind of activities for youth especially in Malaysia to join this programme compared if they just hang out with friends and 'lepak' at the shopping complex. The festival try to contribute the idea how you spend your youth and spend youth time with good activities. There are public speaking court, art activities, games and sports, and so on. I'm trying to see the general views with positive thinking, although there are some negative sides from this festival.

The Prophet Mohammad (pbuh) has said (narrated by Ibn Abbas and reported by Hakim):

Take benefit of five before five:
Your YOUTH before your OLD AGE,
Your HEALTH before your SICKNESS,
Your WEALTH before your POVERTY,
Your FREE-TIME before you are PREOCCUPIED,
& Your LIFE before your DEATH.

I once wrote an entry about this hadith some months ago. The first reminder in mentioned in the hadith is about YOUTH before OLD, so it can be understood that youth time is the most important time for us to learn as much as possible and grab all the opportunities to be better in the future. We cannot predict how our old age after 50 years, but hopefully i can serve for the betterment of the Ummah.. Thus, please don't waste our YOUTH time..!

As a suggestion after had a discussion with Moon, we hopefully request that the Youth Festival for the next year will emphasize on the importance of the education, not only for the entertainment. Yes, you can entertain and enjoy this life, but you have to be wise and knowledgeable to differentiate what is bad and good for you. The youth also have to take the best religion of Islam as a way of life, so their life will not be wasted for unbeneficial things..


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