Thursday, 28 April 2011

Challenges with Non-Muslim Students


New semester of IIC had began in the middle of March, and it is a short semester to all the lecturers and students. I received a responsibility to teach 2 subjects for 3 sections. And I'm happy for this task... Teaching is sharing, and sharing is caring..

However, I have a big challenge for this semester and it sometimes make me feel uneasy in my class. Teaching "Islamic Ethics" is not a new thing for me but teaching that subject to non-Muslim students is not new thing too because I had teaching experience with an Indian student and he is Malaysian. But, teaching to non-Muslim students with strong belief to the Christian is a new thing for me. It is not easy as others think...

I take this challenge with positive mind. This might be the time I can share the beauty of Islam to them, especially the subject relates to the ethics and behaviour as taught in the Quran and Sunnah. Nevertheless, it becomes difficult when the teaching is not similar with the reality happened among Muslims.

For example, Islam teaches not to lie, backbite and slander, but there are many Muslims involve in that vices. Islam encourage patience and modesty, but there are many Muslims do not practice these good virtues..

I tried my best to answer their questions and will try again and again to reduce their bad perceptions towards Islam. And I wish Allah will help in guiding their hearts to accept Islam not mere a religion but as a way of life..

إسلام يعلو ولا يعلى عليه
[Photo: a view from my apartment. Masjid Salahuddin al-Ayyubi]


  1. InsyaAllah . . kalau kita ingat Allah . Allah akan ingat kita. =)

  2. Asslamualaikum Saadah,

    Maaf, saya kira ada sedikit kesilapan pada ungkapan di atas "إسلام لا يعلو ولا يعلى عليه". Yang betul ialah "الإسلام يعلو ولا يعلى عليه". Maksudnya: Islam itu tinggi dan tiada yang tinggi (agama) daripadanya."

    p/s: Cantik blog ni, boleh buatkan blog saya supaya jadi cantik macam ni? :)

  3. Waalaikumuussalam,

    Terima kasih untuk pembetulan, ya salah saya kerana tidak semak semula kerana Hadith itu sekadar dalam ingatan. Semoga Allah rahmati, Allah berkati kamu..

    p/s: terima kasih, tapi harapan saya biarlah isinya lebih cantik daripada rupa yang ada.. :)