Friday, 29 April 2011

The Last Friday of April

29 April 2011, The Last Friday of April 2011

First: Eid Milad

Happy 6th Birthday to Anas Abdullah..
He is the last son of my elder brother.
May you be a Soleh wa Musleh..
May Allah promise you with excellent life ahead in Dunya wal Akhirah..

Second: Honeymoon to China

It is not my honeymoon, but my parents'..
Received a call at 7am from my mom in the flight, she seems happy but unhappy for not getting her seat beside my dad..hehe..
Actually, it was not their honeymoon but a trip to China, the largest country in Asia with their friends. It's been a long time ago that we planned to go together, but I'm working and not having enough money to support myself. hehe..
Hope they will happy and safe there..
Can't wait their coming back and listen to their hundred of stories..

Third: PBAKL 2011

Finally, I've been there. International KL Book Fair started from 22nd April last week and end this Sunday. As a seventh day, I can see that the people are keep coming even though today is a working day. I chose Friday because I'm not prefer to involve in packed situation especially at weekend there, but i will miss those interesting events there..

It's ok because I got what I want. I prepared wishlist books and enough budget to shopping day at that Book Fair. Frankly speaking, I like last year book fair more than this year. I never miss even once to the book fair because I am a serious book lover and full time book reader.

Here we go..

I bought all these books, only two books are not mine, it belongs to my sister and a friend. Satisfied but still had a feeling wanna go there again and again.. Hope I can finish reading them all. Oh! I need new bookshelf.. :)

Fourth: Last Day with Uzayr

This Friday too is the last day with Uzayr..He is moving to Kuantan with his family..
Uzayr and Masheetah are students of mine in Darul Fawwaz. I teach them al-Quran and Arabic Language twice a week.And I'm happy teaching them..
Hopefully, Uzayr will be a good son and success in his study and life, same goes to Masheetah too.. Take care dear..

Fifth: Royal Wedding

Many people are waiting for this event. It becomes a history..
Prince William and Kate Middleton. Click HERE for more information.
However, why we were so eager to see their weddings? especially they are Christian, they followed the Christian rule of wedding..
Wedding as important as marriage to make the relationship between man and woman legally approved by Islam. The Prophet once said: "The best people of my Ummat are those who get married and have chosen their wives and the worst people of my nations are those who have kept away from marriage and our passing their lives as bachelor." (Mustadrakul Wasail by Muhaddith Noori, Vol. 2, Pg. 531).

**HELP!!! May is Coming~~~~~~~

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