Wednesday, 4 January 2012

Valuable Memories of 2011

2011 had left us with a lots of memories, happy and sad, angry and cheer, with thousands of thought which only left as a memory for future is waiting us with thousands of hope and love.

I owned my own planner every year. The Diary requires more energy and time compare to the planner. As far as my concern, 2011's planner is fulfilled with various stories and colourful memories. It's written there all my schedules, my simple thoughts, my bad drawing, my tears as well as my wishes..

January 2011 was a beginning to a matured life. I need changes and I changed by remaining what should be same and remained. A wish to submit the dissertation was accomplished, and as a result, a reward of Experia was given to myself with my own money and sweat..

February 2011 made me fly up to the sky. It was a family time to explore the blood kinship in Indonesia. It was also a month of knowledge to increase the level of thinking and discussing the creations of Allah.

March 2011 was running smoothly. Enjoying of working as educator yet tired of thousands styles of students' attitudes. It was also a month when my little brother going back to his beloved-country to further his study. I only have one loving younger brother who will be loved for the rest of my life, wish you all the best dear~!

April 2011 had not much of important dates except enjoying shopping a lots of books during KL International Bookfair at PWTC, as well attended many talks and lectures in IIUM.

May 2011 is the sweetest time with my colleagues at IIC when we enjoyed hiking the Broga Hill which was fantastic~! Attended several wedding invitations of friends, completed all appointments with supervisors and tried hard to participate more to conferences and seminar.

June 2011 fulfilled with sadness of losing a family member of mine. Although he is my brother-in-law, it was the first experience that our family faced with death and tears. May Allah bless his soul and gives strength and smile to my sister and nephews..

July 2011was my first experience to be a presenter in the International Conference. Special thanks to my former supervisor for entrusting me with such believe to present a paper in front of international audiences in UM. It was a great experience and I believe that this is just a beginning of becoming an academician..

August 2011 came again to remind that my age is increasing in number but decreasing to get nearer to the death. It was celebrated in the mood of Ramadan, month of blessing in Islam. A happy news arrived with a good smile..

September 2011 lived in a new place, new career, new environment, new challenges.. Alhamdulillah that I got new job at USIM and left my previous job at IIC.

October 2011 was ended with a new status. I'm engaged~! It was none in my planning of life to get engaged before married because my preference to go directly to the gate of wedding. Anyway, Alhamdulillah because the engagement day was a beginning step to know both sides of family members. May Allah bless all of us! This month also my successful moment of completion of dissertation after enter the senate meeting. I'm free with one thing and will begin with a more challenging dissertation..

November 2011 ran ordinarily with the busy-ness of life. Too many works, too little time. This month also my step to be an independent researcher and feel the importance of network from various universities and colleges. I presented my second conference paper at KUIS with a great pleasure because the topic relates to my MA dissertation. It was a great feeling to share with different background of people.

December 2011 surrounded with too many stories. An accident (elder brother). A clearance (IIUM Alumni). A different numbers of wedding invitations. A third conference presentation in USIM. I enjoyed the last days of 2011 with family in JB. Hoped that 2012 rises and shines happily ever after..

**Mix Feeling of 2012.. -_____-

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