Thursday, 6 May 2010

May Day!


While waiting Azan Subuh, i wanna spend less than 20 minutes to write this entry for this week. The month of May actually came too fast, and i'm scared that i have to fulfill the target planned for the months after finished all subjects of my coursework study. 1 Month 1 Chapter. That is the target to be achieved for next 5 months begin with May. Can i do well for this target? We'll see in this month first....

The picture above shows some books that i want to read for this May.

I started read the first book: 'The Duties of Brotherhood in Islam' written by al-Ghazali but translated to English by Muhtar Holland. The concept of brotherhood introduced by Prophet Muhammad (pbuh) is the beautiful concept in Islam and should be understood by everyone including non-Muslim to avoid chaos in the society.

Second book is 'Islam and the Integration of Society' written by W. Montgomery Watt. This book will help a lot for writing Chapter Two. I have to select only some topics to be read because it is a little bit thick book. This book also is the only book tells about the integration of society in Islam.

Third book is 'Madinan Society at the time of the Prophet' written by Akram Diya Umari. This book is the main source for my thesis. But i really need strength to read this kind of book.. Reading this book is not the most important one but the understanding from reading is much more important!

Fourth book is '5 Menara' by Ahmad Fuadi, borrowed from Zaki's friend. I already booked one copy from my friend to buy the original one in Indonesia. Not start reading yet...

The last but not least book in the picture is 'Syahadah Gadis Atheis' by Imran Haaz. I read half of book since i bought during KLIBF 2010, but i cannot finish it early because it is a book that you have to digest and understand the contain, and not to enjoy the literature of writing.

Actually i have to balance the reading of academic and non-fiction books. This is to avoid the boring mode during reading any books. You yourself should be creative to create the enjoyment feeling in your reading. You can put the imagination as you wanted when you spend your time with books, and I myself do that to spend a worth time with my unspoken best friends.. ^__^

There are a lot of book to be read. There are a lot of information that can be grabbed in books. There are no reason to be uneducated. Enjoy your reading, Enjoy your life!

**I still have around 10 books that i bought and not be read yet.. hehe...

1 Month 1 Chapter
Saadah Khair
6.05am, 6 May 2010
Mahallah Sumayyah, IIUM

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