Sunday, 16 May 2010

Worth Weekend

15 May 2010 (Saturday)
Writing Workshop: The Power of Ink

This workshop was organized by Intellectual Youth Club, IIUM. I saw a name that i recognized at the poster on the board. Oh! Sis Zabrina Bakar is the speaker~! I wanna go..! That was my first impression. I met her for the first time after read her three books at IIUM Library last year, and i still remembered that time I asked her how to learn writing with her, but she answered that she is a strict teacher. Its ok. Then this is the time i'm waiting for and i should not miss this opportunity. So, I registered my name alone, but Alhamdulillah Aidah wanna join us and we went together on Saturday at Mini Audi.

There were three sessions. First Session: How to motivate people through writing. Second Session: From Blink-Blink to Yey-Done. Third Session: Practice Time. She explained in her interesting way, shared her writing experiences, and urged us to start writing. It will be too long if i wanna share here all of our lessons during the workshop, so I just wanna share four steps of writing. But these steps are only a suggestion from her, it is not fixed, its depend on the author. Different authors might have different steps.. The steps are:
  1. Initiate the story. You have to know who are in the story, where are we in the story, what time is it in my story, what is happening in the story.
  2. Set the stage. You have to know what do you see, hear, smell, taste, feel and so on. Explain creatively.
  3. Leading to the turning point. Tell details about the problem you are trying to tackle, what are the problems that need to be solved, who do they meet to help or hinder them, what are their struggles.
  4. Answering the questions. Wrapping your story in the end and offer/provide your readers with conclusion.
Anyway, there are a lot to be shared here..but maybe next time. Thank You to Sis Zabrina for sharing her idea and experiences. I hope Allah bless her deeds and efforts to write motivational faith stories special for Muslim souls! Lastly, F. Scott Fitzgerald said: "You dont write because you want to say something, you write because you've got something to say". Her website can be visited HERE.

16th Mei 2010 (Sunday)
Program Santai Jasa, Sg. Pisang, Gombak

Actually this programme began on the night of Saturday, but it was just a group binding and ice breaking to know each better among Jasaians and Alumni Jasa. The waiting events was on Sunday which will be held at Sg Pisang, Gombak. We were divided into four groups according to the name of Orang Asli's ethnic group. My group's name is Temuan and our members are Azim, Aisyah, Umi, Hawa and me myself.

The first activity was Explorace in the river. It has been for a long time for not participate such of this game and it was really fun. We had to do some tasks in each check point related to Orang Asli. My group won for the second winner, i'm happy with that~! Then, we continued next programme which was conducted by myself in Taaruf Session with all who came to this programme. I do hope that we will not forget each other after that activity. After that, we continued with Sharing Moment conducted by Haidir and Ustad Mid where we shared together of our sweet and sour memories in JASA. In my deep heart, i miss so much all those memories... We ended our activities after took some refreshment (lunch) and playing river water.

During our journey back to IIUM, we paid a visit to Kg Orang Asli Bukit Kala for a while to introduce to some our junior members about this village. This aboriginal village is the nearest place who you can find Orang Asli in Gombak. We didn't take for a long time there. Then, we went back to IIUM. Honestly, i was so happy.. This programme was totally happening. The ukhuwah in this family still be the same. Adik-adik were so sporting and very helpful, really hope that there will be no gap among Aumni and the new members. Haidir, Ust Mid, Kucai, Zami, Nana, Affern, and Dila, thank you so much for the friendship that we had until today. For our members who cannot attend, it's ok, this programme is just a beginning, we will plan next happening programme again in the future, insyaAllah. I do hope that all of us can gather like our previous time. Together we gather, together we stay forever~!!

**The story of Teacher's Day (16 May) will be on next entry.. Oh ya! Reminder to myself, do not just write a new entry in blog, but please finish the chapter two by the end of this month. Thank you!

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