Monday, 6 August 2012

Oh Malaysia ku: Agree or NOT?

Among 122 countries, scientific journal The Lancet found that Malaysia is ranked number 10 among the laziest countries in the world. Read more HERE

Agree or not? It is bad news for Malaysia especially when majority of the citizen are Muslim.

Agree or not? We still have time to change. Allah will not change you unless you change yourself.

Prophet Muhammad PBUH taught us a du'a to avoid our self from laziness. It is an excellent du'a to be pratcticed every morning, every day...

I seek refuge with Allah from grief and distress, old age and laziness, miserliness and cowardice. I seek Your Refuge from the burden of being in debt and from being overcome by men

Agree or not? The Prophet PBUH never taught his followers to be lazy. No single companions of him were lazy too..

Agree or not? Let's be active and productive, not lazy and less energy.

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