Monday, 21 June 2010

Favourite Place

Semester break was begin...
The alone environment begin as well...

Nevertheless, I want to gather all the courage to be here at IIUM concentrating at my thesis writing. Other than IIUM as my favourite university and place, just wanna share in the meantime of boring days alone at my room, about a place that i adore so much~~~

It is a bookshop. A place that surrounding by books of different colours, sizes, shapes, languages, and titles which really makes me happy. Of course that place is including library, but all books in the library will never be mine, they only can be borrowed at the specific duration, but the books at any bookshop can be mine if I pay the price..hehe..

Fortunately, there are so many bookstore in Malaysia. If I'm going back to JB, the biggest bookstore that I adore is Badan Bookstore, Plaza Angsana. I love being there with my father not only because he loves books as well, but I love his money for my books..hehe.. By the way, the owner of the bookstore is my father's friend. So, we can get a special discount.. Other than that bookstore, there are MPH at Jusco Tebrau and Skudai, and many more.

In KL, there are a lot of bookstore to be mentioned here. But I love to be at MPH Wangsa Maju because it is the nearest, BookXcess, Amcorp Mall because of the cheapest price, and Kinokuniya KLCC for the the biggest place and many choices.

Sometimes, being at the bookshop is not aiming to buy any books there, but i just wanna be surrounded by books and look at them with passion. I also have a plan to open my own bookstore in the future. I already have its name and the planned-strategy, but the problem is i'm not a business minded person. So, who are business-minded, booklover, and willingly to share the profit with me, please do contact me here.. Eh, am I really serious?? hehe..

Online service also provided at each bookstore, but I prefer to see by my own eyes and sniff the book smell by my own nose.. I once bought a book online because i want to try the online service. Although i satisfied with the service, but buying at the bookstore in the original way is always my best choice..

During this semester break, the only loyal best friend that keep accompany me and stay by my side is all my book collection. Yes they cannot speak, but still they can listen to my words. Thomas Kempis said: "A book has but one voice, but it does not instruct everyone alike".

All these books bought (in different time) at Bookxcess with amazing prize. Currently read 'My Favourite Wife'. They will be my precious book collection..

As a gift to myself, this month i bought new books again. I love a quotation said by Garrison Keiller: "A book is a gift you can open again and again". Okey, now i wanna continue my reading... daa~~~~

Two new books as suggested by my supervisor.
I found nothing at IIUM Library, but found them at MPH. Without further thinking, I just bought them. Hopefully, they will give contribution to my thesis..

**"So many books, so little time" (Frank Zappa)

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