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I finished reading an adorable book written by Farish A. Noor. The title is quite fascinating: 'Quran and Cricket'. It's title is the main point I bought this book. Due to my high curiosity, now I understood the symbolic meaning behind the chosen title, even though there is no direct discussion about that. I like the way of the author describes his journey to many interesting places throughout this book. Although it is not explained in a very detail, but the reader can enjoy all the places he visited because of his humor descriptions. In addition to him as an academician and historian, he is a very good writer. Among his travel places are Zanzibar & Tanzania (2002), Pakistan (2004), North India (2005), Southern-Thai (2005&2008), Sri Lanka (2006), Kashmir (2006), Central-Java (2006-2007), Amsterdam (2007), Turkey (2007), Vietnam (2007), West Egypt (12/2007-1/2008), South India (2008-2009).

If you want to take a look inside the book, please click HERE.

His blog can be read HERE.

Travelogue is a genre of writing a book or a novel. It also can be called as Travel Literature or Travel Journal. The author will usually share his or her own story of traveling, or sometimes they write others' story to be shared in the travelogue. Most of the story is based on the true story, so the reader can know the truth about some places and make their stories as an example or guidance. The most adorable travelogue is the Travel of Ibn Battuta. He was considered as the one of the greatest travellers ever, defeating Marco Polo. I really want to read his own writing in Rihla of Ibn Battuta, even I watched a Discovery Channel programme about his journey. Some of his journey can be further read HERE, HERE and many more..

One of my wish-list books

In addition to travelogue, Muhammad Asad's book entitle 'The Road to Mecca' is one of the book that I admire. A friend of mine recommended this book long time ago, and I borrowed it from the library. I just read it half of the book and still not continue yet the rest of the book. The language is a little bit difficult, but the journey is pretty adventure. The book review can be read HERE.

Other than that, I try to make another travelogue as my book collection. I found some interesting books and they can be put in my wish-list books.

  • One Thousand Roads to Mecca: Ten Centuries of Travelers Writing about the Muslim Pilgrimage by Michael Wolfe
  • No Reservations: Around the World on an Empty Stomach by Anthony Bourdain
  • The Worst Journey in the World (Vintage Classics) by Apsley Cherry-Garrard
  • Without Reservations: The Travels of an Independent Woman by Alice Steinbach
  • To Afghanistan and Back: A Graphic Travelogue by Ted Rall
  • A Travel Journal of the Asian Seaboard by Mikiko Sasaki
  • Journey without Maps by Graham Greene

In Malaysia, there are not so many travelogue books. But i'm sure that many Malaysian like this type of writing, and I do hope that the travelogue can be popular among Malaysian writer. I read two books written by Prof Kamil entitle 'Travelog Haji: Mengubah Sempadan Iman' and 'Travelog Dakwah: Meniti Hari Esok'. Both of the books are based on his own story of life. Interesting and honest story to be read. Ustaz Hasrizal also write a travelogue based on his story life in Jordan, the title is 'Travelog Tarbiyah: Rindu Bau Pohon Tin', and my reading is still not finished yet..

Last week, I saw another title related to the travelogue in Malay languange, they are 'Travelog Iran: Menyingkap Misteri Bumi Ahamdinejad' by Dina Sulaiman, 'Travelog Cinta Abadi' by Roza Roslan and 'Travelog Syahadah' by Muhammad Rasyidi. And i wanna find a book written by Jhaz Kitaro: 'Travelog Turki Bumi Khalifah' where he writes his own journey and life in Turkey. It seems interesting..

Allah said: "Say: Travel through the earth and see how God did originate creation; so will God produce a later creation: for God has power over all things." (29: 20). Travelling gives us a perspective of life and allow us to be thankful to the Creator. Really hope one day, I can travel around the world and write my own travelogue.

**From now on, wanna save money aiming for travel..

Saving is treasuring, Sharing is caring..^_^

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